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Posted by on Jul 11, 2008 in Diary of a Supermom, Faith | 2 comments

Riding the Jesus Couch

Riding the Jesus Couch

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“What I believe is NOT what I SAY I believe. What I believe is what I DO. ” ~ Donald Miller

Christians have a tendency to ride the Jesus couch…lounging in their own comfortable bubble of isms, mantras, and other media-ized “spiritual” propaganda. We’re purpose driven-coming back to the heart of worship-opening the eyes of our hearts- prayer “mmhmming”-“Jesus has a plan” Christians. We’re great actors really….It truly is amazing how much we can pull off..The question is, “who are we fooling?” The only answer that matters is, “not God.”

Is this the life we want? Do we want to fake our way through the only relationship that truly matters? Is it enough for us to profess and not act? We can close our eyes during the songs all we want, take as many sermon notes as possible, and even skim our Bibles every single day, and NEVER truly know the God we claim to love. Imagine if we treated our spouse, our children, or our family the way we treat our relationship with Jesus? Imagine if we only spoke to them once a week…on Sundays? What if we chose not to listen to 90% of the things they said to us? What if we took for granted all of the things they did for us?  Would the relationship last?

We get busy. We get tired. But building and developing our relationship with Jesus is not what we need to take a break from….its the vacation. But, we don’t care. We know all the right answers. Most of us can look to a time when we were right with God and remember the way we felt..we remember the fire…we remember what it was like to rely on Him…to trust Him…to really and truly LOVE him.

So why are we still on the Jesus couch? Why are we sleeping through this life? It may be comfortable…its certainly easier. Any relationship takes work, and the Jesus couch often looks more inviting, more entertaining….The thing is, He won’t give up…Even when we refuse to even glance His way…when we talk about Him one way and behave another…..when we refuse to pay any attention to Him…The question is, how far do you want God to go to get YOUR attention?

Its time to get off the Jesus couch.

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  1. Yes..I find that most often when he speaks to me, it is contrary to what most would find reasonable or sane, in a human perspective(maybe some are comfortable?)…

    When I am urged to search and seek, it is not easy. For it is NOT comfortable. And I rarely have a fallowing of persons to validate my countenance(like the gathering of the Pharisees).

    Jesus (Yeshua) went into the desert, or wilderness to seek solace and refine relationship with Father…He found this and his leading from there..Yet he was also tempted..Listening to the voice of Father and knowing it is mandatory to standing up and NOT sleeping on the couch.

    I have found that when I am too busy, I have set myself up a wall, a divide, a waxing over if you may, and it is harder to hear Fathers voice.

    You are right Bekki it is so easy to get stuck on the couch, even when Father is desperate to peel our eyes and ears open.

    Thank you for posting 🙂

  2. i needed to read this today. I have been vegging on “the couch” for too long.

    Thank You.

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