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Posted by on Feb 12, 2011 in Cleaning, Featured, Home, Uncategorized | 2 comments

What’s Under Your Bed??

What’s Under Your Bed??

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I don’t know about you, but I hate for things to be out of place. Seriously, it drives me bonkers. Last week while frantically searching for a library book that was overdue, I decided to look under my daughter’s bed. Miracle of miracles, the library book was there…BUT…so was about a hundred other things! I decided that it would be fun to make a blog post about the myriad of “treasures” I found under each of my kids’ beds. I am putting this out there as a challenge for each of you as well. Take a few minutes and pull out all of the little things that have fallen behind or have been stuffed under the bed in your child’s room. Make a list, and then post your list as a comment!

(*I would like to mention that under all three of the beds featured here today, there are a few things that DO belong! Each of us have several long plastic tubs under our beds. Hannah has one for Barbies and another for dress up clothes. Henry has one for trains, and another for Legos. I have one that stores the artwork and papers Hannah has done at school. I LOVE these long bins! They are perfect for gaining some extra storage, and still keep some of your child’s favorite toys accessible for them. They slide out from under the bed very easily and make for simple clean-up! )

I knew there would be a few things under each bed that didn’t belong….I was SHOCKED to see just how much random stuff was under there…I have cataloged the items I found for you…

Bed Number 1: Hannah’s Room

1. 3 books (Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert, Ozzie and Mack (Tag Reader book), Berenstain Bears and the Neighborly Skunk)

2. 2 “Hannah” license plates

3. 1 pair of pj’s (now too small for her)

4. an assortment of hair accessories (4 clips, one band, 2 claws)

5. 2  magnet pieces for  magnet play sets (skirt and squirrel)

6. 1 hand-made beaded necklace

7. Curious George’s shirt (Curious George does not even belong to her!)

8. 3 shoes (1 flip-flop -hers, 1 Barbie flip flop, 1 My Little Pony shoe)

9. 1 dirty sock

10. 2 cars (Lightning McQueen and a red truck)

11. Polly Pocket shovel

12. 3 magnetic pieces for K’Nex set

13. Bathtub stopper (How she got this, and got it behind her bed really stumps me…)

14. Windshield to Barbie car

15. My Little Pony hairbrush

16. Polly Pocket swimming pool (This elicited a HUGE “YOU FOUND IT!!” from Hannah)

17. 2 stuffed teddy bears

18. 1 Cabbage Patch Doll crown

19. 1 doll cup

20. I sippy cup full of questionable juice

21. 1 small stuffed doll

22. 2 pillows (1 Princess crown pillow, 1 tufted pink pillow)

23. 1 Tinkerbell purse full of assorted “treasures”

24. 1 Polly Pocket doll

Bed Number 2: Henry’s Room

1. 6 books (I’m Mighty, T-Rex Thomas, Mickey on the Go, Owl Babies Fly, Rise and Shine Bear, and one ripped to pieces book)

2. 2 pieces of Thomas train track

3. 1 disheveled Easter bonnet (NOT his)

4. 1 Moon Sand lid

5. 1 Moon Sand Santa mold

6. 1 motorized Thomas train

7. 1 Thomas box car

8. 4 cars (1 orange Tonka, 1 wooden taxi, 1 green truck, 1 yellow van)

9. Woody’s hat

10. 1 pretend strawberry

11. 1 doll vest (again, NOT his)

12. 1 paintbrush

13. 1 teacup (his sister’s)

14. 1 pair of dirty Mater underwear

15. 3 pieces of a Cars Lego set

16. 1 wooden ship (goes to a wooden puzzle)

17. 1 Christmas Magna-Doodle

18. 1 toy cell phone

19. 8 balls (2 smoosh balls, 1 football, 1 softball, 1 sparkle ball, 1 whiffle ball, 2 bouncy balls)

20. 1 pretend fly

21. 1 block

22. 1 leaf ring (from a cupcake)

Bed Number 3: My Room

I was VERY happy that none of the stuff I found under my own bed was mine, and that there wasn’t as much as under the beds in the kids’ rooms! Here is what I found under my OWN bed…

1. Knit baby hat

2. toy fire truck

3. jack

4. 1 hair clip

5. 1 Mickey tin (with a green plastic fish inside)

So ladies, my question to you is what is under YOUR bed?

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  1. I am a stuffer by nature but since I am now a mommy of four kids I have become highly organized in some areas because I have found that if I’m not the clean up is more than I can handle or deal with and I get quite emotional about it. So I have also invested in those long bins and the currently store alibis our movies in them under Eithen and Evvi’s bunks. Elijah does not have a bed frame because the mattresses are so thick that when they are on the frame he can’t get in bed on his own. So his bed is on the floor where nothing can get under it (kinda nice now that I think of it). Under my bed are more long bins filled with duffle bags and extra purses. All that to say that my kids have inherited my stuffing illness and tend to shove all their toys, dirty clothes, garbage, school work, books and anything else they find (old bananas (which you would think would become mushy when infect they become as hard as a rock. Weird) apples) under their dressers and bed. So I have developed a system that every night before bed we take 10-15 minutes and straighten up the bedrooms and clean under the bed and dressers quickly, we time it and race and the reward is a gummy vitamin and on an occasion a squirt of whip cream if they have good attitudes and do it with a smile. So as I sit I can proudly say there is nothing under the beds except what is suppose to be there.

    • LOL! Such a cute post! Well, let’s just say that under your bed is a lot cleaner than under mine! 😉

      Love your blog concept…very cool!

      Stopping by from the Say Hi Sunday Blog Hop!

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