1. Celebrate EVERY accomplishment! Big or small, let your little man know how proud you are of him! From a very young age, boys NEED to feel a sense of pride….men often find their worth in their achievements…in their work…Praise your boys for their efforts, letting them know their work is of great worth.

2. Encourage them to MARVEL. Let them dream..(and dream big!) Allow them time to wonder….question…think about what could be…Boys are dreamers and need the freedom to think big….to be creative…to generate new ideas…They also need time to PROCESS. Let them sit and think about things for awhile…Give them time to think things through before demanding answers..(Remember, they are often mini-versions of their fathers…and we all know that men respond differently than we do to things..)Let your boys analyze, contemplate, and never shut down their creative/analytical process..


3. Don’t be afraid to let them get their feet wet. Boys are going to be boys…They will figure out a way to climb up the bookshelf, turn their bed into a trampoline, and every puddle into a pool. Say “yes” as often as you can…letting them play and experience the world in their own way. There will surely be bumps and bruises (and probably trips to the ER as well…) but we can’t allow our need to over-protect prevent our boys from enjoying their youth….Let him play….Let him jump (and climb, swing, stomp in the puddles..) The joy and excitement your boys will feel when you let them experience the world in their own boyish ways will more than make up for the extra loads of laundry and boxes of band-aids.

4. Accept their help..(even when it will take MUCH longer!) Let your little boys pitch in…encourage it! Men have an instinctive need to provide…Train up your little boys to help and serve in the home, and thank them when they do (or when they try!)

5. Hold on tight, and enjoy the ride! We only have them for such a short period of time….Try as best you can to enjoy every second of this crazy ride called motherhood. Through all the messes…the broken cups…skinned knees…grass stains…the late night stories…unexpected cuddles…football games…soccer practices….first days of school…battered blankets….tree forts…frogs….creepy crawlies…hang on to every bit of it…Our little boys will be men before we know it. My prayer is that I use this time I have with my boys to raise them up to be the best men…men of God…men who love…men who create…who dream…who laugh and play…men who enjoy life with gusto….men who emulate their father…what an incredible blessing….what an incredible ride…Buckle up and hold on tight…


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