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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Children's Books, Featured, Reviews and Giveaways | 29 comments

Dream Me Up! Review and Giveaway!!

Dream Me Up! Review and Giveaway!!

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I hands down believe that there is no greater gift you can give a child than the love of books. I am a huge supporter of anything that gets kids excited about reading,and keeps them turning those pages! Stacey Kaye, author of the Parent Smart/Kid Happy series, has dreamed up a fabulous new line of personalized children’s books that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! I am so happy to introduce Dream Me Up books to you!!

We’ve all seen personalized books that perhaps feature your child’s name, favorite things, and/or even their picture….BUT, have you ever seen a picture book that stars their favorite stuffed friend??!! When I learned about this exciting new series, I KNEW this would be a hit!! My own children are SO super attached to their “lovies” that I knew they would flip over getting to see their stuffed pals in a book!

Here’s how it works:

1. Create an account, and then begin browsing through all of the fun books Dream Me Up has to offer! (Just check out the choices!!)

Dream Me Up has a book for every child! Whether your child loves animals, sports, or is just learning basic concepts like colors, Dream Me Up has a book that is just right for them!

2. Take three pictures of your child’s favorite, blanky, stuffed friend, lovey, etc and submit them to Dream Me Up!

You do not need to be Ansel Adams! Regular snapshots will work and the website even has a few quick tips for you to make sure your pictures turn out great!

3. Complete the order form, fill in your details, and wait for your book to arrive!!

SOO easy and SOO cute!!

We selected, “My Lovey Travels to the Jungle”, as Henry is my little animal lover. I knew he would love the pictures of all his favorite “zoo friends” that were in this book! I snapped a few pictures of Henry’s beloved “Doggy” and then anxiously waited for our book to come, so I could surprise my little man….WOW!! He LOVED this book!! He gasped with delight, eagerly began flipping through the pages, and took off at a sprint to go get Doggy, to show him too!!

Who knew lovable little Doggy would someday star in a book?! I think he was quite a pleased little puppy! (And Henry, has been VERY excited to show off his special book to anyone and everyone who has come to play!)

Doggy is featured on EVERY page in this cute little story. The book blends illustrations with photography and the story is written from Doggy’s point of view! I loved that I was able to read through all of the books before I placed my order, utilizing the website’s “Tour Our Books” feature! I was able to select just the right story for Henry. He LOVED seeing Doggy doing all of the activities with the animals in the story!

These books are so creative….ingenious really…I can’t think of any child who wouldn’t just love to see their tattered old blanket or favorite teddy bear or dolly starring in their very own picture book! Priced right at just $34.95, these books would make the perfect birthday or holiday gift! Just check out how much my own little man enjoys his Dream Me Up book, “Doggy Travels to the Jungle.”

I hope you will take the time to head over to the Dream Me Up website, and check out all that they have to offer! (If you would rather create a book starring your child, they can do that too!!) These books are made JUST FOR YOUR CHILD, and are made with care and love. The images of your child’s friend fit so seamlessly into the story that you’ll wonder why there aren’t more books about them! One of you lucky readers has the chance to WIN a personalized book for your child starring THEIR lovey!! Good luck!

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  1. I’d get My Lovey Travels to the Jungle or My Plush Toy visits the Farm. KD’s Frog would be a star!

  2. I love the busy day book! so cute!

  3. They are all very cute… my favourite is Plays Sports

  4. They are all very cute … my favorite is travels to the jungle

  5. I would pick, when my kid grows up book for my son.

    Thank you!

    Amy C.

  6. Lovey Loves Colors

  7. My son would love My teddy protects the world.

  8. My lovey travels to the jungle

  9. My lovey travels to the jungle.

  10. I think that I would choose My Woobie Brings The Circus to Town! Looks like it would be alot of fun šŸ˜€

  11. My son would simply adore The “My Woobie Brings the Circus to Town” book starring his very own “Special Puppy” – yes, its name is Special Puppy because we have 2 nearly identical ones and the other one is named Regular Puppy. His choice, not mine.

  12. My Teddy Bear Protects The Planet!

  13. My lovey loves colors. Thanks for the chance!

  14. Such a nice giveaway, thanks

  15. The My Teddy Bear Protects The Planet book looks really cute!

  16. that is so cool!!! my boy would love it!!!

  17. we would get the circus one (my son loves elephants) or the farm one.

    too cute !

  18. I would choose My Teddy Bear Protects the Planet.

  19. i love the My Teddy Bear Protects The Planet or the farm one!

  20. visits the farm

  21. We love the Lovey “Protects the planet” book!

  22. I would choose the my lovey travels to the jungle

  23. I like the farm book!

  24. My daughter would love My Plush Toy Visits the Farm.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  25. My son would love “My Plush toy plays sports”

  26. My lovey travels to the jungle sounds good.

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