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Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Review and Giveaway!!

Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Review and Giveaway!!

Did you know that kids could lose up to 2 1/2 months of learning throughout the summer? This can make for a rough start to the school year for kids, parents and teachers but it is fully preventable with just a little learning each day. As a former teacher, I know JUST how important it is for parents to work with their child over the summer, and could always tell which of my students had been working on academic skills over the summer (and which had just been watching tv!) I hear all the time that “doing school” with our kids is something that only teachers know how to do, and that for any other parent, the task is just too daunting….NOT SO! Carson-Dellosa, one of my all-time favorite education companies, is offering a summer learning prize pack to one of my very lucky readers, and let me tell you….Carson-Dellosa makes working with your child SO easy!! (And your  child will LOVE not only the time with you, but will love feeling successful and having fun while learning!!)

According to a study by Johns Hopkins University, by ninth grade, then lack of summer learning can be blamed for roughly two-thirds of the achievement gap. Help prevent your child from falling between the cracks and check out some of the fun Summer Bridge Activities from Carson-Dellosa! You can check out their full line HERE! As a teacher, I used TONS of Carson-Dellosa products, and have purchased the Summer Bridge products for my own children. I was thrilled to pieces when asked to receive and review a summer learning pack for my daughter Hannah, to help bridge her learning from kindergarten to first grade over the summer. Hannah loves school and loves to stay busy! Working through the Summer Bridge workbook this summer will be perfect for her!

Hannah got right to work in her Summer Bridge Workbook! The directions were in language she could read and understand, and the workbook has a good mix of easy, just right, and challenging activities. Hannah will get to work on literacy, math, critical thinking, and so much more over the summer, ensuring that she will be ready for first grade in September! We love the Summer Bridge Activity Cards (and at $8.95 you will too!), and have already placed one in Hannah’s reading box on her bed, and one in my purse to pull out when stuck waiting for a doctor, in the shopping cart, etc! Why not keep your child busy doing something educational and fun this summer while you run your errands?!  We plan on using the Sea Life Incentive Charts in conjunction with summer chores…super cute and tangible way to keep kids motivated and working towards a goal!

Don’t let your child fall behind! Keep them learning all summer long with Carson-Dellosa!!

Ready to WIN?!! Good luck!! Have fun LEARNING this summer!!!

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  1. jennifer capin says:

    We read daily

  2. Sherrada says:

    Library Summer Reading Programs!

  3. christal c says:

    We encourage reading and visiting mueseums

  4. Ann Fantom says:

    I help my daughter learn during the summer by getting my daughter a bridge study guide every summer.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  5. EMMA L HORTON says:


    • You are so right! Two of the most simple and POWERFUL ways to keep your kids learning! (LOVE that you said talking!)

  6. Kathy Dunaway says:

    We read and do workbooks.

  7. Workbooks from Costco

  8. Amanda Dyer says:

    my girl would love this

  9. We take exploratory trips.

  10. We homeschool and don’t take the summer break. So, the kids continue their studies while public school kids play. Athough, we do MANY more outdoor activites. Science seems to do the best for studies during the warmer months.

  11. Missy L says:

    My oldest is five. This will be my first summer with purposeful learning times for summer. We’ve been having a loose schedule in the mornings that includes some learning time.

  12. Weve always done summer reading programs, and this year the girls go to a rural school and they are sending them home with learning packets.

  13. Nicole Sender says:

    Outside activities and trips to the library!

  14. Angela Hartness says:

    By reading books and playing educational/fun games.

  15. Diana Hatch says:

    We used to take many trips to the library when my kids were growing up

  16. Candace Miller says:

    My kids are 1 and 4, we will do Summer reading programs this summer.

  17. pridelandmama says:

    My boys love to do workbooks, crosswords, and the summer reading program at the library.

  18. reading and fieldtrips

  19. Paula Tavernie says:

    We play school and they take turns being the teacher!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  20. Laurie Emerson says:

    We have a small desk in the corner of our living room and each day we work on something like reading or writing. Afterward we have a treat which is a snack or going in the pool.

  21. Gina R. says:

    We do lots of reading and math worksheets.

  22. A.Smith says:

    I try to use nature through the summer to keep my daughter learning.

  23. stacy h says:

    we go a lot of places as a family and talk about those things in depth!

  24. Kristie D. says:

    To make kids learn in the summer we do lots of reading. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  25. Laurie Brown says:

    frequent trips to the library

  26. Ee read and do workbooks and math manipulative

  27. Love these books! So much great info in them for bridging the summer learning gap!!

  28. summer reading program at the library.

  29. Nikki Lynn Hanna says:

    I have a little girl who is starting 4k this year. Her dad and I constantly use flash cards, lets her watch educational videos such as Rock n Learn and general questions. Im really proud of her because she can spell, she can count up to 30, knows her shapes and alphabet.

  30. lots of reading trips to the library and writing!

  31. We homeschool, and we’ll actually continue studying all summer long as we have been!

  32. I try to do a little from each subject 4 days a week.

  33. Jessica Davis says:

    Reading and observing the world around us!

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