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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Featured | 75 comments

Jingling All the Way: Holiday Road Trip Music

Jingling All the Way: Holiday Road Trip Music

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If you’re anything like me, one holiday road trip essential is a fantastic playlist! There’s just something about Christmas music that makes a long ride in the car just a bit more bearable. I’ve compiled a short list of a few of my favorite holiday albums, and I’d love to know YOURS!



1. Harry Connick Jr. – “When My Heart Finds Christmas” and “Harry for the Holidays”

Not ashamed to admit we named our second son after Harry Connick Jr. I absolutely ADORE everything that comes out of this man’s mouth. His Christmas albums are just the right mix of classic holiday favorites and original songs with a jazzy flair.

2. David Lindner – “When the Snow Falls”

Okay, I will admit that I’m a bit biased when it comes to this one….this is my husband’s Christmas album! With a mix of classic carols and original songs, instrumentals and vocals, you’ll find yourself singing along and making your spirit bright. He’s amazing and I’m so excited all of you can enjoy his music now too! You can also find his album on itunes and amazon.

3. Indie Holidays on Pandora

For those of you who tend to get bored listening to just one artist, or are simply looking for something other than the “traditional” carols and songs, you’ll definitely want to check out the Indie Holidays station on Pandora.

4. Time Life Music – Treasury of Christmas

If you like to sing it old-school, you’ll definitely want to pick up this album. This has ALL of the classics, from Bing Crosby belting out White Christmas to Elvis crooning he’ll have a Blue Christmas without you. With Perry Como, Andy Williams, and Julie Andrews, this star-studded collection will have you singing all December long.

5. Steven Curtis Chapman – ANY of his Christmas Albums

I grew up listening to Steven Curtis Chapman, and he is my  husband’s all-time favorite, so these albums are something we can agree on. If you are looking for music that is more about Jesus than Santa Claus, you’ll definitely want to check out any of SCC’s Christmas albums.

6. Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album

Call me a Gleek, but I love these albums! There are two out right now, and the third will release on December 11th!
We ALL love to rock out in the car on our holiday road trips.

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Let me know what YOUR favorite Christmas album or song is to listen to on a holiday road trip!


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  1. My all-time favorite song is O Holy Night but a fun car song is Mariah’s All I want for Christmas is You

  2. I love Transiberian Orchestra.

  3. Oh I love Faith Hill Christmas music!

  4. I love listening to Christmas music, I’ve been listening to Christmas songs on Pandora!

  5. I absolutely love listening to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra crooning Christmas tunes while I decorate- nothing feels more Christmas-y to me. Great idea using Pandora!

  6. fave christmas album: harry connick Jr. – when my heart finds christmas

  7. I like the soundtrack (or at least the music) from “Home Alone”.


  8. My son loves to listen to the Alvin and the Chipmunks christmas album

  9. I choose the Glee Christmas Album

  10. First off I love David’s Song “When the Snow falls”. But my favorite is “Mary did you know” and “Little Drummer Boy”. Okay, I actually have a lot more favorites. I just love Christmas music!

  11. I guess it would have to be the Rod Stewart Christmas CD. I’ve been a big Rod Stewart fan for years.

  12. Michael Bublé Christmas

  13. I love Dr. Demento’s Christmas album. 😛 Or the Chipmunks…the real Chipmunks, not these new ones…

    • I’m with ya on the Chipmunks! My kids saw a picture of the real ones a few days ago, and didn’t even recognize them…sigh…those were the days.

  14. I don’t have a favorite album but my favorite christmas song is Christmas Shoes

  15. Amy Grant – A Christmas to Remember

  16. I like Alvin and the Chipmunks

  17. I dont know the album but my favorite christmas song is Kelly Clarkson’s My Grown Up Christmas List, I absolutely love the lyrics and I love her voice too. That song is so me.

  18. Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersongs

  19. I LOVE, LOVE Amy Grant’s Christmas Album. old school, but still a good school!

  20. Frank Sinatra!

  21. I like Steven Curtis Chapman, any of his albums.

  22. Best Christmas album: Charlotte Church’s Dream A Dream

  23. My favorite Christmas Albums are the Readers Digest Christmas boxed set!

  24. Alvin and the chipmunks.

  25. I too, like Amy Grant’s Christmas album.

  26. I like any of Josh Groban’s christmas music

  27. I love the Putumayo New Orleans Christmas. It has so many jazzy tunes to celebrate the holidays to.

    • Just when I thought we had every Christmas album! We’ll have to check this one out!

  28. i like the Time Life Music – Treasury of Christmas

  29. My favorite Christmas Album is Christina Aguilera’s This Christmas

  30. I don’t have a favorite Album but I do Love certain songs like Dolly & Rod Stewart singing Baby it’s cold outside or John Lennon War is Over

  31. I love the holiday albums by Straight No Chaser!

    • Ooohhh….I’ll have to check that one out!

  32. My favorite Christmas album is by Sandi Patti. I wish I sounded like that!

  33. My son loves Alvin & the Chipmunks

  34. I don’t know the album name but another Christmas song I absolutely love is Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon.

  35. I like to listen to Tony Bennett’s version of “Winter Wonderland.”

  36. I don’t know the album again (I’m bad at knowing albums) but I also love the Christmas song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Band Aid.

  37. I’m not a huge Christmas music fan, but I do like Jingle Bells. It’s upbeat.

  38. I love Josh Groban’s “O Holy Night” … but teen me will always adore Hanson’s Christmas album “Snowed In.” 😉

  39. Sarah Maclachlan Wintersongs!

  40. I don’t have a favorite…anything Christmas I LOVE!!!

  41. I have to agree with you Anything Steven Curtis Chapman, is by far the best, its not just his music,its the voice, and the way his music moves you.

  42. dominic the donkeyy loll

  43. I don’t have a favorite album, but I’ve always loved the song White Christmas.

  44. My favorite Holiday Album is the Chipmunks Christmas.

  45. any of Faith Hills Christmas music. TY!

  46. the Elf Christmas CD is great.

  47. I love the Home Alone soundtrack!

  48. rod sterwart christmas music

  49. I like Carol or the Bells or Bing Crosby’s White Christmas.

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