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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Featured, Reviews and Giveaways, Uncategorized | 20 comments

The Not-Its! Kidquake! Review and Giveaway

The Not-Its! Kidquake! Review and Giveaway

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Music is a part of our family culture. At our house, when in doubt, turn up the tunes. Music changes moods, and sets the tone for the house.

These days, it’s rare to find music for kids that is both age-appropriate and not annoying. The “Kidz Only” music channel plays some pretty adult songs, and most music made for kids can make you want to rip your ears off. So, whenever a cd comes along that pleases both kids and parents alike, you hang onto it…it’s a keeper!

I was lucky enough to discover The Not-Its! and their new cd, set to release February 5th, Kidquake! Described by the Seattle Metropolitan as “high-energy bubblegum pop”, this Seattle based band brings FUN into your house straight through your speakers. Their music is slightly reminiscent of the happy punk music I used to listen to in college and designed to get your whole family moving and grooving.

The Not-Its!


These real-life parent rockers bring their own collective experiences to the table as they write their lyrics. Songs like “Tarantula Funeral” will have your kids in stitches, while you’ll find yourself turning your kitchen into a mini mosh-pit with hits like “Let’s Skateboard” and their rocking title track, “Kidquake!”

I recently mentioned The Not-Its! in my Family Fun Night post. Kidquake! was the soundtrack for our family night. I put the cd on while I was busy getting dinner ready. A few minutes in, I glanced into the family room, and saw my three older kids, who had started an impromptu dance party.

photo(18)As you can see, the picture is blurtastic, because my kids couldn’t stop moving! They were happily dancing, running, jumping, and enjoying life together to the rhythm of The Not-Its!

I know you are all going to LOVE Kidquake! from The Not-Its! The title song is a fun, anthemic tune that celebrates the power of kids to do good in the world. The idea is: KidQuake! is a movement fueled by music. The Not-Its! believe that kid energy is an untapped natural resource and we want to inspire kids to use their power. We’ve seen music move kids to action and know this energy can be used for good!

Please check out the Kidquake! Facebook page to learn more about using kid power for good, or to share the story of YOUR child doing good in their home, community, or around the world! Inspire your kid to help!

And…The Not-Its! are going on tour!

Shake, Rattle and Roll with The Not-Its!
KidQuake! Family Concert Tour Dates

Visit The Not-Its! Tour page for updates.

Stay connected with The Not-Its!

2 lucky Chasing Supermom readers  can win a copy of Kidquake!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. My 11 yr old is shoveling the neighbor’s driveway. And it has been a lot this year.

  2. My six year old is using her kid power to be a good big sister to her little sister, who is 3 months old.

  3. My kids take canned food to our church’s food drive.
    hschonrock at yahoo dot com

  4. my 5 year old makes video blogs teaching others how to play video games better. He also teaches others how to count money and do math!

  5. He has brought in food for canned goods drives as well as change for change drives through his school. They have raised money for cystic fibrosis and to help provide items to a school in Africa. He can also be a very sweet and helpful big brother.

  6. At Christmas time my son adopted a “grandpa” at the nursing home. It was cool.

  7. my son helps me put his toys away but that is pretty good considering he is only one.

  8. They help out at our local food kitchen with my husband and I every Sunday afternoon.

  9. our kids get involved with school projects

  10. They help me coupon and donate our excess.

  11. The little ones assist the neighbors with their gardens.

  12. My son always comforts his baby brother in the back seat when he starts crying. He is also big on recycling and reusing, in fact he can find a reuse for just about anything.

  13. My daughter’s class is sponsering a family in need throughout this year

  14. my girls stepped up and gave up mom and dad time, rooms and they did it all gladly to help out their cousins that we are adopting they are making sure these kids know they are loved i am very proud to be their mom

  15. My twins are only 3 so mostly they toddler along with mommy when we drop off soup for a sick neighbor or get a Christmas gift and deliver it to someone at the local Veterans Home.

  16. My son helps with scouting, and is his grandma’s #1 right hand man!

  17. my 22 yr old is on a disability benefit, and he does lots of volunteer work, as he is unable to hold a real job so far… he loves working with others… my younger ones help out too sometimes

  18. Volunteering at church

  19. My kids do volunteer work in our community

  20. My 10 year old daughter helps the single mom that lives in our basement by watching her 2 kids when she needs a break or is taking a shower.

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