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Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Featured, Reviews and Giveaways, Toys, Uncategorized | 24 comments

Goofy Grin Monsters Review and Giveaway

Goofy Grin Monsters Review and Giveaway

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Goofy Grin Monsters were designed with KIDS in mind! With vibrant colors and unique personalities, each of the Goofy Grin Monsters can paint monsters in a whole new light. If monsters are as squeezable and fun as each of the Goofy Grin Monsters, there is nothing to be afraid of!

Goofy Grin Monsters creates the lovable and whimsical characters….your child creates the adventures! These wacky and huggable monsters will photo(3)

spark creativity and imagination within your child as they dream up fun things for their monster pal to do. These plush friends will quickly become cherished members of the family as your child dreams up games and activities for their monster.

photo(2)We were lucky enough to receive all four monsters – one for each of my kids! I wish you could have seen their faces as I pulled their new monster friends from the package. (I also love that the monsters totally coincide with each of their personalities!)  My sweet little one year old has been faithfully dragging Irmi around all day, stopping to give her loves from time to time. BoJoe is camped out next to my two year old as he watches cartoons. When Harry saw the monsters on the website earlier this month, he was instantly drawn to BoJoe and began to shout his name! It was SO much fun to surprise him with his instant friend today. My oldest daughter had remembered looking at these a few weeks back online and proclaimed, “I got Candy!!!” when I pulled her new friend from the box. My four year old thinks Sloan is an absolute rock star.

I can’t wait to see the many adventures my kids and their Goofy Grin monsters go on together. I know they will trust these happy-faced pals to guard their room at night and keep bad dreams and all scary things away.

The monsters retail for $24.99 each or $79.96 for the set of 4. You can purchase the monsters HERE. Family_Pack__18741.1327622966.205.235

One lucky Chasing Supermom reader will WIN their choice of monster! Will you choose Irmi, Sloan, Candy, or BoJoe?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I would pick Sloan!

  2. Sloan

  3. My son likes Sloan.

  4. I like the Candy Monster!

  5. My son said he likes BoJoe the best.

  6. Sloan is adorable! I’d pick him! momlovesdeals at gmail dot com

  7. I would choose the Candy Stuffed Plush Monster if I win.

  8. I’d probably pick Sloan

  9. I would pick Sloan! He is SO cool!

  10. My son would love irmi or sloan!

  11. i like bojo!

  12. I love Irma! I bet the kids would love Bojo too! They are all so cute.

  13. i like BoJoe

  14. I would let my son pick, but I’m guessing he would choose Sloan.

  15. id choose 17″ BoJoe Stuffed Toy

  16. I like Irmi.

  17. 17″ BoJoe Stuffed Toy

  18. They are all so cute. I think BoJoe is the cutest.

  19. 15″ Candy Stuffed Toy

  20. I love the 15″ Irmi Stuffed Toy

  21. sloan

  22. I like the 15″ Irmi Stuffed Toy

  23. I like sloan

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