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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Children's Books, Featured, Reviews and Giveaways | 31 comments

Zoe’s Room from Scholastic Review and Giveaway

Zoe’s Room from Scholastic Review and Giveaway

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*This post is sponsored by Scholastic. I received a free book in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Zoe rules as Queen of the Universe — or at least, her room! — in this sweet, funny companion to Zoe Gets Ready. Zoe is the Queen of the whole Universe … but her favorite place in the Universe is her own room, where she hosts tea parties, builds empires out of blocks, and gazes out upon the stars. Then her parents announce that her little sister Addie is moving in to Zoe’s room. Little sisters aren’t good at tea parties (too rude), block-building (too clumsy), and star-watching (just plain too young!). So the Queen’s new roommate is a royal pain . . . until Zoe discovers that even her smallest subjects can be useful in a storm!

I was reminded of my own children as I read this book. In this sweet and honest tale of the trials, ups and downs, and true friendship that come with having a sibling, I saw the relationship between Zoe and Addie parallel the relationships of my kids. Siblings struggle. They fight. They jockey for dominance. They want their own way. The older sibling doesn’t want to do “baby” things. And then like magic, the shift begins, and the two siblings begin to bond….growing together and developing the type of friendships only siblings can experience and understand. The sweet beginnings of a life-long friendship that you see unfold between Zoe and Addie are touching, pure, and true-to-life. My heart melted as I read this book. This is a must-have for anyone with a sibling.

Check out the book trailer!


Zoe’s Room Activity Sheets


Zoe’s Room Coloring Sheet

Zoe’s Room Coloring Sheet #2

Zoe’s Room Maze

Zoe’s Room Dot Sheet

Zoe’s Room Drawing Sheet

About the author

Bethanie Deeney Murguia earned an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. Bethanie lives with her family and her fifty pound lap dog, Disco, in Sausalito, CA. She is the creator of Zoe Gets Ready and Buglette, the Messy Sleeper.

Visit the Official Site and find out more about Zoe’s Room by Bethanie Deeney Murguia!

zoesroomTHREE lucky Chasing Supermom readers will win a copy of Zoe’s Room! Good luck and thanks for entering!

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  1. My kids get along pretty well, but they aren’t perfect and do fight once in awhile. I try to make them work it out together without getting involved so that they learn communication skills, but when they can’t. I make them share what’s bothering them, talk it out, hug and then say three things they like about their sibling. Usually ends in laughter.

  2. I try to encourage them to communicate and compromise. I might suggest some alternatives and solutions from which they can choose.

  3. I make them hug and that’s turns into laughter.

  4. Growing up my brothers, sister, and I would have to sit on the couch and hold hands whenever we were arguing and fighting, etc. Needless to say, we stopped that pretty quick!

    • That is one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard. We are doing that the next time they fight. I imagine that like with you, it will work quickly!

  5. I was an only child so i’m learning as I go šŸ™‚ so far my 2 kids get along pretty well

  6. Talk through it

  7. we talk about the problem.

  8. I let them talk it out and try to make a compromise.

  9. One of my girls is almost 7 years old and the other is only 8 months old, so we don’t have any bickering or rivalry yet, but I am totally loving that above comment about holding hands! I see that plan of action in our near future šŸ™‚

  10. It depends on how upset they are. Sometimes I just say be nice and they quit.

  11. We encourage sharing

  12. I make them hug each other. No matter how mad they are, it still puts a smile on their faces. And mine šŸ™‚

  13. I hold them both till the younger one stops being overpossessive of mommy. That is usually the bone to pick.

  14. Always try to let them figure it out if they can. Show them how to compromise. Each gives a little & each gets a little.

  15. I try to tell them that love goes further than dislike but man sometimes šŸ™‚

  16. We’ve tried to let them work out their own bickering. However, name calling is never tolerated and even if bro/sis is ‘bugging’ you and pushing your buttons, you’ll get punished for a name call. It seems to have diminished once they all were in pre-school, school.

  17. I separate them!!

  18. My kids are not close in age so it is not a big peoblem

  19. I make my kids tell each other one thing they love about the other.

  20. I would just separate them for a while and then they would want to be together again

  21. Try to have them talk it out. Make sure to put space between them when I can. I also try very much to have distractions! The younger one is easier to distract of course but sometimes it works for all of them!

  22. I deal with sibling rivalry and bickering poorly. I try to intervene and make things fair and then when we are someplace such as a recent incident at music class where one daughter wanted an instrument at the same time another child that was not in my family wanted it, my daughter looked to me to intervene. So whoops, that is not the right thing to do.

  23. by talking it out and problem solving

  24. They have to say sorry and hug/kiss.

  25. I try to separate my kids when they are not getting a long, usually a time-out away from each other cures the problem šŸ™‚

  26. There is a 3 year difference with my girls, 9 and almost 6. For the longest time it didn’t seem like a large gap, but as of late its been larger than life. I’ve been giving the girls the statement “please use words and the tone of voice you would like to be spoken too with” and I’ve been asking them to separate and come back to one another when they have 2 nice things to say about the other. They usually welcome the break and look forward to hearing what the other has to say. That works 50% of the time, I’m looking for help/pointers and anything to help the other 50%!

    • I like your idea Debbie!

  27. We don’t really have to deal too much because my stepdaughter and son are ten years apart, so she’s more like a little mommy to him (she thinks she is, anyway!). If I won this book, i’d give it to my sister, whose 4 and 1 year old girls are about to start sharing a room šŸ™‚

  28. with 7 kids, you name it ive tried it

  29. Haven’t crossed that bridge yet!

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