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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Featured, Products, Reviews and Giveaways, Uncategorized | 27 comments

The #SwifferEffect with Lee and Morty AND a Giveaway!

The #SwifferEffect with Lee and Morty AND a Giveaway!

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*This post is sponsored by Swiffer. Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Swiffer. I received free product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever been out in public and seen that one really cute older couple? You know who I mean – they still hold hands. He still holds the door open for her. You can tell just by her smile and the wrinkles around her eyes that she loves him even more today than she did when they were young.

I want to be a part of that couple. I want my marriage to inspire young couples just starting out. I want my marriage to leave a legacy of wives treating their husbands with respect, and husbands showering their wives with love. I pray our marriage changes and molds those of our four children in a positive way. I want to be like Lee and Morty.

Call me sentimental, but Lee and Morty bring tears to my eyes. When we are in our 90’s, I hope my husband and I aren’t too old to dance with each other in the kitchen, sing “our” song, or laugh with one another.The adorable Kaufman’s are not only effective advertisers for the Swiffer family of products, they are also an endorsement for a loving, respectful, and playful marriage! When I look at Lee and Morty, I see a component that is traditionally missing from “marriage advice” books and seminars. Their marriage still includes humor and playfulness. They haven’t outgrown or become too old to have fun with one another. They are best friends, partners, and true companions.

Swiffer helped give Lee and Morty the precious gift of TIME. Less time spent doing household chores (especially those which can typically be swiffer2

time-consuming like mopping and dusting!), means more time with the ones you love. In the Kaufman’s case, an easy to clean home, also meant more time entertaining friends and family – sharing laughs and old memories, all while creating new ones. Life doesn’t end at a number – a decade- or a phase of life. Your life, your home, and your marriage are products of what you put in. You can fill up your marriage with discord, arguments, mean-spirited sarcasm, and disrespect OR you can fill it up with love, kindness, compassion, humor, and quality time.

The incredible folks at Swiffer are giving one of YOU the chance to win a Swiffer prize package. How will using the Swiffer family of products create more time for you? And better yet – how will you spend that time? Praying all of you find yourself with a companion who loves you as much as Lee and Morty love one another when YOU are 90. Here’s to happy lives and happy cleaning!

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  1. at 90 I hope I have someone special to hold hands with and reminisce.

  2. i just hope it looks better thn it does now

  3. I’m not sure if I want to BE alive when I’m 90!!

  4. I hope it looks comfortable, at ease and loving.

  5. Hope we have the same relationship we have now and are enjoying our kids.

  6. I hope we are still able to crack each other up like we do now

  7. I hope it looks just like it does now. I am blessed.

  8. I hope we can still have fun

  9. If I live to be 90 and am lucky enough to be in a relationship, I hope we can laugh together.

  10. I just hope I can still get around and have my mind like these two beautiful people do. I think it is amazing.

  11. I Hope At 90 We Still Look At Each Other The Way We Did On Our Wedding Day, Find Time To Dance, Smile And Dream!

  12. By then I hope the constant bickering dies down a bit!

  13. I hope we’re still bickering because we’re madly in love!

  14. I hope we are still as happy and able to do as much together as we do now.

  15. I’m guessing very tired and wrinkly.

  16. I hope my life at 90 finds me doing things daily that excite me.

  17. At 90 I hope that we are both still alive, making each other laugh, holding hands and enjoying our old age together.


  18. I hope to finally be in a loving relationship by 90.

  19. Sitting on a porch swing holding hands with my husband!

  20. Looking at the garden and watching the clouds roll by.

  21. I hope we are both still alive at 90.

  22. At 90 I hope we are very much in love still and alive yet.

  23. I just hope I make it to 90 and have someone to spend my life with.

  24. I want to be that fun and loving couple others look to for advice

  25. I hope we look just like Lee and Morty!

  26. I hope that we are still as close in heart as spirit as we are now and that we have the same kind of sense of humor as Lee and Morty.

  27. I hope it is happy, healthy and full of fun!

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