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Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in Featured, Products, Reviews and Giveaways | 60 comments

An Itunes Giveaway from the Kia #Hamsters and the #KiaSocialClub

An Itunes Giveaway from the Kia #Hamsters and the #KiaSocialClub

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*This post is sponsored by Kia. I received compensation in exchange for sharing this information. All opinions are my own.

The fabulous Kia hamsters are back with an all new commercial for the 2014 Kia Soul!

With a new sleeker and sexier style, the all-new Kia Soul is a real head-turner. Leave it to the lovable Kia hamsters to keep up and transform themselves from plump little furballs into lean, mean, eye-catching machines!

Watch the Kia hamsters work out to the beat of Lady Gaga’s “Applause”, as the Kia designer works to fine-tune the incredible new Kia Soul. These hamsters have totally transformed…and so has the Soul! The country’s most lovable car mascots have some serious swagger….just like the all-new Soul. It has some crazy style and I love its new look! Check out the video and let me know what you think. (2014 Soul shown. Expected Fall 2013)
What is your favorite part of the new and improved @Kia #Hamsters?

One lucky Chasing Supermom reader is going to win a $25 itunes gift card, just for checking out the new commercial! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I love when the hamster flys off the treadmill

  2. I love the ending transformation.

  3. the hamsters doing yoga

  4. i love them on the treadmill

  5. when the hamsters fly off the treadmill

  6. I love when they are walking the red carpet all slim and in shape.

  7. I like the treadmill

  8. My favorite part is when the hamsters are at the salon under the hair dryers.

  9. i love the elliptical hamsters, so crazy!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  10. the all buff no fluff shirt while lifting weights made me lol

  11. I loved it when the hamsters are doing double time on the elliptical.
    Thank you.

  12. hamsters doing yoga

  13. The hamster’s T-shirt.

  14. When he falls off the treadmill!

  15. yoga hamsters

  16. I love when the hamsters are doing yoga.

  17. I love the hamsters doing yoga!

  18. i like the music

  19. When the hamsters are lifting weights in the gym.

  20. fave: treadmill fail

  21. I like the treadmill part

  22. I like their choice of background music for the commercial.

  23. The treadmill.
    mina bel

  24. the hamsters falling off

  25. the yoga is cute

  26. When the hamsters fly off the treadmill.

  27. My fave part is when the hamster falls off the treadmill

  28. I love when the hamsters are doing leg lifts!

  29. the hamster and the treadmill!

  30. I like when the hamster is going really fast on the stair stepper.

  31. The hampster jumping rope!

  32. The hamster dancing on the diving board.

  33. i like when the hamster is lifting weights

  34. WHen they pull up to the red carpet and humans with hampster heads get out of the car!

  35. I love the treadmill fall and the transformation at the end!

  36. I liked when he fell off the treadmill

  37. Just the hamsters in general.

  38. The music is my favorite part.

  39. Adorable hamsters! Such a sucker for cuteness!

  40. I loved the part where the hamsters were sitting under the hairdryers

  41. the hamsters !!! they are strangley cute!

  42. the treadmill

  43. I like where they walk the red carpet and greet their fans! Very cute.

  44. when they are doing yoga is pretty darn cute

  45. The shake on the diving board…

  46. when the hamster fell off the treadmill

  47. the hamster treadmill wipeout

  48. The Hamsters in the hair salon was my fave part!

  49. Be careful on that treadmill!
    Thanks for the contest.

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