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Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in Featured, Food and Drink, Reviews and Giveaways, Uncategorized | 88 comments

Subway #PileOnTheVeggies Campaign & Giveaway

Subway #PileOnTheVeggies Campaign & Giveaway

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*This post is sponsored by Subway. I received free product and/or promotional items in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

My family and I love going to Subway. It’s a budget-friendly and delicious dinner option that all six of us love. (All six of us ate for $32!!) Subway wants to empower kids to create the sandwiches they love each and every time they visit – and now they are encouraging kids to power up with veggies! Subway’s latest campaign, #PileOnTheVeggies is designed to get kids trying and eating veggies to help live a healthier lifestyle. Of course, there are bits of magic and fun thrown in too, as the campaign is centered around one of summer’s biggest blockbusters – Disney’s Maleficent.

subway (6 of 6)

This summer, SUBWAY is encouraging everyone to #PileOnTheVeggies!  We know this can be tough; especially with kids.  So to help encourage everyone to eat their vegetables, we’re offering a magical SUBWAY experience, inspired by what is sure to be one of summer’s biggest blockbusters – Disney’s Maleficent.   The ‘Operation: #PileOnTheVeggies’ experience will include magical elements sure to excite your child and help him or her realize the powers that veggies can provide!subway (1 of 6)

When my kids learned we’d be heading to Subway for dinner, they were immediately excited. They all love getting to help build their perfect sandwich, and love the choices Subway offers. Before we headed out, we watched a special video featuring Jared Fogle, encouraging my kids to pile on the veggies. We talked about the fresh veggie options Subway offers, and a few of the kids got excited to try something new on their sub.

At our local Subway restaurant, the kids were excited to see Maleficent posters! This hit movie starring Angelina Jolie hit theaters on May 30th, and is the untold story of one of Disney’s classic villains. And right now, kids will receive one of four Maleficent backpacks with their Subway kid’s meal.

subway (3 of 6)

One of the easiest ways to #PileOnTheVeggies at SUBWAY is with the Fresh Fit menu; featuring tasty, heart-healthy choices for all ages.  Kids get a special meal of their own, complete with a Fit Mini Sub subway (4 of 6)(piled high with fresh veggies such as cucumbers and spinach), apple slices, and low-fat milk.

My six year old was most excited to try more veggies. He loved stepping up to the counter to help the sandwich artist create his perfect sub. He had fun selecting which veggies would go best with his turkey sandwich.

subway (2 of 6)He decided to try spinach this time – and loved it! He said he wanted to start putting spinach on his sandwiches every time!

subway (5 of 6)

While a few of my kids opted just for pickles and olives, my youngest child had cucumbers on her sub, and ate the whole thing! All kids are different, but as a parent, I’m grateful for restaurants like Subway, that help encourage kids to keep trying new things. While a few of my kids aren’t ready to give tomatoes or peppers a try, they might be in the future….and Subway will be ready for them!

Head on over to your local Subway this summer and check out their Fresh Fit menu. And make sure to catch Disney’s Maleficent in theaters!

Subway wants to share Operation #PileOnTheVeggies with you! You have the chance to win two great gift cards – one to Subway and one for Fandango so you can check out Maleficent! Thanks for entering and good luck!
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  1. We have been trying to make a conscience effort to incorporate more veggies in our diet! I can tell a HUGE difference in our energy levels!

  2. It helps us by having the extra energy to go through the activities.

  3. Veggies gives us light healthy power up to keep us during the hot weather and all those summer activities.

  4. gives the energy to keep on having fun!

  5. They help by nourishing us without weighing us down with heavy foods.

  6. Eating healthy definitely gives us more energy!

  7. Veggies and healthy eating help my family and I power through summer activities by giving us lasting energy. It also allows us to not feel bloated and full.

  8. we grow lots of our own veggies and plan meals around them!

  9. We eat a lot more salads and fresh fruit in the summer and it gives us the energy we need for outdoor activities and sports.

  10. I love Subway! I can walk in there and get really healthy “fast food” at a great price. Most of the time it doesn’t even matter to me what the meat is that I choose (although I try to stick with the less processed) the best part is all the veggies available.

  11. Eating healthy gives us more energy!

  12. It gives us more energy to do more of the things we love to do!!

  13. Our backyard garden brings us together and we grow everything for a rainbow salad.

  14. Veggies keep us active by making us feel good and healthy in the summer because we are eating right

  15. My family and I use the extra energy from good veggies to have more fun!

  16. Better healthier we eat, the more energy we have to enjoy the summer fun.

  17. They taste great, are versatile and very filling!

  18. Fruits and Veggies as snacks definitely give us more energy than sugary snacks 🙂

  19. Subway is a Fresh Lunch or Dinner any time, Sub Club is my Fav!

  20. Veggies help us power through the summer by providing wholesome energy.

  21. We love veggies during the summer because it’s so hot. Subway is a favorite! They are easy to snack on at the pack to and no sugar.

  22. They provide us with more energy and energy that lasts

  23. They give us the stamina to survive the steamy Florida summers!

  24. We feel so much better when we’re taking good care of ourselves!

  25. They make us feel better than when we eat junk food and I notice a huge difference in my energy levels

  26. they keep us full but not weighed down during the hot summer months

  27. More veggies keep us going- we do a lot more smoothies and salads.

  28. It gives us energy to do fun activities.

  29. Veggies help us stay fuller longer, so we can do more!

  30. A salad makes a great lunch or supper. Thank you

  31. It helps us feel lighter and more energized.

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  34. we always get our veggies in for the day!

  35. It gives us energy to do all of our activities. We can stay active all day without feeling sluggish.

  36. We eat a lot of salads during the summer because it’s too hot to cook indoors.

  37. We are a high allergy home! We love the raw veggies, great energy and fill us up’

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