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10 Things Middle Schoolers Doodled During Class in the 90’s

10 Things Middle Schoolers Doodled During Class in the 90’s

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Were you a middle schooler in the 90’s? Did you rock platform sandals, denim shirts, chokers, and oversized flannel shirts? Did you have a Bonn Bell chapstick in your pocket and a scrunchie around your wrist?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ll probably identify with the following list. When pre-algebra got boring, we doodled. When we didn’t want to listen to our teacher lecture on Earth Science, we wrote notes. We became excellent time wasters WAY before social media was even a thing. We didn’t have a phone yet, so we relied on paper to amuse us during class.

I came up with 10 ways that middle schoolers of the 90’s doodled away their boredom during class. Can you relate?

1. MASH 

When my friends and I played, the game often turned into MASHO or even MASHOG (because naturally, you need the option of living in an outhouse or a garage.) We may have ended up as a maid with 17 children, but none of that mattered, because we knew that we were going to be very happy living with Mark-Paul Gosselar in our shack.

The classic game is now an app. You can also play a quick version online. Sigh….future generations won’t even know what notebook paper is. On we go!


2. Bubble Writing

You may have made yours more rounded. You might have preferred block letters. Maybe you colored yours in. Maybe you filled each letter in with a different design. No matter how you did it, it’s likely that you were a bubble writer.


They now make books teaching you how to become a master bubble writer! (I’m not even kidding!)

3. Ink-Filled Shoes

Some kids doodled random designs. Others drew hearts and flowers. Some wrote song lyrics. Others wrote the names of their crushes. My parents would have killed me if I had drawn on my shoes, but I DID draw on the soles. =)

At my school, the shoe to have (and subsequently color on) was the Converse Jack Purcell.  Other kids also were known to doodle on the bottoms of their Doc Martens.

Bonus Points if you also doodled on your jeans.

4. Our Favorite Cartoon Characters

Perhaps you sketched Bart Simpson. Maybe you were into Beavis and Butthead. I personally favored Daria. Maybe you were still holding onto your childhood and were more into Doug, or The Animaniacs (and now that song is in my head!)



5. Cootie Catcher

Pick a number. Now, pick a color. Are you ready to hear your fortune?

Many of us mastered the art of quickly (and deftly) making a cootie catcher, often under our desks or behind a textbook. We giggled over how clever and funny our fortunes were, and prayed our friend would choose “Green” so she would have to marry Todd Anderson.

They have entire “Cootie Catcher Craft Kits” now. Future generations may never know the art of time-wasting paper folding. You can also print out a blank cootie catcher if you’re feeling nostalgic and/or have forgotten how to make one. There is also an Arthur chapter book called Arthur and the Cootie Catcher.


6. Notes to Friends

We didn’t have cell phones. We didn’t text. Email wasn’t really a “thing” yet. If we wanted to spill our guts to our friend, we had to write a note.


Bonus points if you remember carefully tearing the edges off of your notebook paper.

Bonus bonus points if you could totally relate to Rachel on Friends the time she wrote Ross the note that was 18 pages “front and back!”


7. The Stussy “S”


For whatever reason, we constantly tried to perfect our rendering of this brand’s logo. And yes, all these years later, you can still buy a Stussy shirt. 


8. Row of Endless Hearts

I found myself doodling these a few weeks ago – and flashed right back to middle school when the margins of my worksheets were filled with these hearts. Did you make these?


9. Press Here “Button” 

I can’t even keep track of how many kids drew dots of ink on their hand with the message, “Push Here” or “Press Here.” The result? They would turn over their hand and show you a drawing of a smily face. (Middle schoolers who did not attend a private Christian middle school may have found classmates to write more “colorful” messages…)

Did you ever “press here?”

While we’re talking about drawing on yourself, bonus if you or one of your friends drew a Sharpie tattoo on their body.


10. Magazine Quizzes

“Does He Really Love You?” “What is Your Spring Style?” “What Hairstyle Are You?” “How Well Do You Know Jonathan Taylor Thomas?”

90's 17

Whether you were sneaking a copy of Seventeen , YM,  or Tiger Beat, you always filled out those quizzes, carefully tallying how many A, B, and C answers you had or counting up your “points.”


*Dotting your i’s with hearts

*writing your a the way it appears on the computer instead of the standard way

*writing your name with your crush’s last name

*filling the margins of your notebook paper or worksheet with random doodles and squiggles


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