Chasing Supermom is dedicated to providing moms with real ideas and real solutions. I love connecting my readers with products, experiences, and brands that make their life better, brighter, or more efficient. I am excited about opportunities and events that help families build lasting memories.  I would love to learn more about you and see if Chasing Supermom would be a good fit for you. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to work with you soon!


Sidebar Advertising

Chasing Supermom offers sponsored posts, online campaigns, and limited sidebar advertising options. We also happily consider Brand Ambassadorships and Sponsorships!

Social Media Advertising

Want to see your product shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest? I’d love to take pictures and share information across all of my social media channels for you. Contact me for rates.

Local Area Attractions/Restaurants/Events

My family and I are happy to attend or visit any local attractions and/or events. We are open to anything in the SW Washington/Portland Oregon metro area. We’ll review a local restaurant, attend a touring show or concert, visit local museums and play areas, etc. We love having fun and exploring our community. (And of course, I’d love to tell all of my readers all about our experience!)


Do you have an upcoming Media or FAM trip? Chasing Supermom is available for local and destination travel and vacation experiences. We are willing to travel as a couple, as a family (2 adults and 4 children), or for the right trip, I will travel by myself. We fly out of PDX, and are available for road-trips within the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID).
We will share an extensive and thorough account of our experience across our social media channels, as well as in a detailed blog post or series of blog posts.

Product Reviews

Chasing Supermom loves working with products and brands that make life easier or better for moms and families. We take on a limited number of product reviews each month. We love items and products that promote play, imagination, or time spent together as a family.
While I will do a standard “product pitch” if requested, my preference is to write an integrated review, where I incorporate your product into a post I would naturally write. These types of posts are more authentic, more evergreen, and are more widely viewed.
 I will also share the review across my social media channels, tagging your company if requested/applicable.
We have six people in our home who can test and review your items including four children ranging in age from 5-10.
Chasing Supermom typically only accepts review items that have a value of $50 or more.
Chasing Supermom does not return items for review.
I will never write a negative review of your product.
*We are not interested in products that are not family friendly.


Chasing Supermom loves hosting giveaways. (My readers are always happy to enter them as well!) Giveaway items typically must have a value of $50 or more (although we do make exceptions for the right company/brand!) Giveaways run on our site for one week. I always include options to follow your brand/company on social media as an optional/bonus entry, and promote the giveaway on the blog and across my social media channels.
Giveaways (without a product review) run for $75.

Product Recipe Development

I am passionate about cooking and developing creative and family-friendly recipes. It excites me to take a product and figure out a way to use it in something delicious. I strive to create recipes that are affordable, easy to prepare, and kid-friendly. (We call that the Chasing Supermom Meal Trifecta.) I would love to work with you to create a recipe (or series of recipes) featuring your product. Recipes will be featured in blog posts and across social media.
Contact me for rates.


I would love to “sit down with you” and discuss ways to get your blog/social media off the ground. However, my time is limited and what I have learned and achieved are the result of years of hard work, investment, and research. If you’d like to talk or “pick my brain”, please contact me for rates.


*In all forms of advertising and partnership, I follow FTC disclosure guidelines and comply with Google standards.



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