Chasing Supermom is now a local mom’s group! We are so excited to extend an invitation for you to join Chasing Supermom Vancouver, and have your children participate in our Superkids program. See below for our FAQs and info regarding Superkids. Please keep checking the website for more information and updates, as we continue to plan our fall program.

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logo5Chasing Supermom FAQ

Who can attend?

Moms with children ages birth through 5th grade are welcome to join us.

*While most of our moms meet this criteria, we will NEVER turn away a mom with older children who would like to attend. We do not kick moms out once their children reach fifth grade!

When/where do you meet?

Chasing Supermom meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from 9:30-11:30. (Doors open at 9:15!) We meet September-June. Each year has 17 meetings.

We meet at SixEight Church in Vancouver, Washington. Our address is: 8802 NW 9th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98665

What can I expect?

Chasing Supermom is all about providing moms with real-world ideas and encouragement. Chasing Supermom is a community of moms who are there to support you, and allow you to be who you are. Each week we spend time enjoying grown-up conversation, a great breakfast, and a message from a passionate and relevant speaker. Once in awhile, we will do a special project or activity at our meeting as well.

We do not have assigned seating or table groups, so you are free to come and sit with your friends or who you feel comfortable with. We want to unite moms, instead of dividing them.

Each month we get together for an outing. Some outings are with our children, and some are special “moms night out” events.

What topics do the speakers cover?

Our speakers talk about a wide range of subjects. We tend to focus on the “meat and potatoes” topics – parenting, stress, emotional health, and encouragement for moms. My goal is for our moms to leave group feeling encouraged – with a practical and applicable idea or two  to take back to her family that week.

Is there a cost?

Chasing Supermom runs entirely from donations and fundraising efforts. We don’t want finances to prevent any mom from being able to join us.

I want to donate. Where does my money go?

Unlike other mom’s groups, EVERY dollar you give to Chasing Supermom goes right back into our group. We don’t pay dues or a fee to a national organization. Your money helps to fund our Superkids program, pay speaker fees, and purchase supplies.

Do I have to attend your church to come?

No! While you are always welcome to visit or attend SixEight Church, anyone from any faith or walk of life is welcome to be a part of Chasing Supermom. You are and will feel welcome!

superkids.jpgWhat is Superkids?

Superkids is a high-quality, intentional, program that centers around character education.

Superkids is divided into four age groups. Our 0-2 year olds are the Explorers group, and will be cared for in our nursery. Our little Explorers are just beginning to discover the world around them. Our trained staff will help guide the Explorers to new discoveries as they learn the basics of our character education program.

Our 3-5 year olds, experience our character education program. Through games, stories, activities, crafts, and snacks, the Superkids experience engaging and intentional character education instruction in a preschool-like setting. Superkids learn through movement, music, creativity, hands-on projects, group activities, and developmentally appropriate instruction all centered around a character trait. Each month, our Superkids focus on a different character trait. When your child has graduated from our Superkids program, he/she will have learned about 30 different character traits.

*We encourage our moms to place their children in the nursery or Superkids classroom. While nursing infants are welcome to attend group with their mother, we ask that older children attend class – so that all our moms (including you!) are able to enjoy a break and get the most out of our speakers/fellowship time.

*Your child MUST be registered in order to attend Superkids.

Click HERE to register online!