Inspired by Baz Luhrman’s single, “Sunscreen,” I have decided to post my own laundry list of lessons learned and insight gained. You may do with this list what you choose.

Understand that you do not have the ability to change people. Nothing you do or say can cause someone to be what you want them to be. The mold you have decided they should fit is not ever going to fit, and it would serve you best if you let go of the idea that they will someday be someone else.

Jealousy is the only earthly vice from which you derive no pleasure. Jealousy signals one of two things: insecurity or a lack of trust…both of which signal there is an underlying problem inside of you…Often times, you are merely projecting your own insecurities onto your relationship or your significant other. Realize you are slowly killing your relationship with your own childish feelings of inadequacy.

Allow the past to be the past. If you spend too much time looking backwards, your life will soon begin to head that direction. Learn from your mistakes, and cherish your memories, but don’t dwell on what was…Never use the phrase, “the good ol’ days.” Believing they existed robs you of truly enjoying the present. Accept that life changes…And, even though you will never have what you had five years ago, ten years ago…you have what you have NOW. Today is what matters.

Making a five year plan is like putting a giant sign on your back that reads, “Please come and mess up everything I ever thought I wanted for my life.” Almost nothing in life works out like you think it will.

Recognize that your parents are/were usually right. Forgive them of the mistakes they did make, and take advantage of their wisdom and life experiences. They can be some of the best friends you will ever have.

You cannot depend upon other people’s perception of you to give you self-worth.

Enjoy your life. Give in to your own silly desires every once in awhile. Its okay to have the doughnut, buy that shirt you want, and let your house go without being dusted just so you can spend the day doing something fun.

Learn how to read people. This will not only help you get ahead in life, it may even help you help others.

You cannot do everything by yourself. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness…rather, attempting to run the world alone, will cause you to become weak. No man is an island.