What is it? A clutter box is simply a box or basket of some sort, (mine is a canvas covered brown box, that is actually supposed to be used as a magazine rack), that is put at the bottom of the stairs in a two story house, or in a central part of your great room in a one story house.

What can it do for me? The clutter box can save you multiple trips up and down the stairs, or in and out of various rooms of your house. It saves you time, and helps to keep your house a little bit cleaner!

How I use it: In my home, this box sits at the base of my staircase. I use this box to put things like toys from the kids’ rooms, shoes we take off, dirty bibs, books, mail to be filed, etc. in, that need to be put away upstairs. This way, I don’t find myself running upstairs every time there is a piece of clutter to put away!

How do I implement this in my home? To implement the clutter box, simply buy a box, or for many people, dig out one of the many baskets you probably have sitting around your garage, and put it in a place that works for you. Then, don’t allow yourself to run and empty it every time you put an item in it. Wait until the end of the day, and then make one trip upstairs. You will be amazed at how much time you save, and how much stress can be alleviated during the day, as your clutter is out of sight, but in a place where you know it will be taken care of quickly. Try it. It works!