Lesson: Shaving Cream Fun

Concept: Exploratory Play/Tactile Awareness/Writing

Works Best for: Toddlers-early elementary

Not for: days when you are short on patience, children who may mistake the shaving cream for whipped topping, children wearing something you feel needs to stay in pristine condition

Let’s face it. We all have those days when we’ve practically built Lego city, the kitchen floor is littered with crusty bits of day-glo play dough, and if we have to watch one more episode of Dragon Tales, we just might go nuts. The kids tire of their toys…of favorite videos…of each other…and the stir-crazies start to set in. On days like those, this is a wonderful activity to pull out to save you and your kids from going insane.

Procedure: Lay out place-mats or a vinyl table cloth on top of your kitchen table. Give each child a generous dollop of shaving cream, stopping first to talk with them about why shaving cream does not go in their mouth! Allow your child(ren) to play freely, exploring the new texture and feeling as they wish.

Extend the Lesson: Shaving cream is a PHENOMENAL way for your child to begin to learn to write! They will practice much longer without becoming frustrated, due to the creative medium! Have your child practice writing various letters, his or her name, sight words, numbers, etc. Make a mistake? No problem with shaving cream! Simply show your child how to smooth away the writing surface and start again!

Tip: If shaving cream should happen to get onto your table/counter, do not fret! Shaving cream works wonderfully as a cleaning agent. Get the kids involved and have them help you wipe the table down. It will be sparkly clean! (I used to do shaving cream as a teacher whenever my students’ desks would become dirty/sticky.)

Have fun!!