Another week, another list of easy, family-pleasing meals for you!

Monday: Pretzel Chicken served with…gasp! Rice a Roni (Yes, I use packaged, time-saving side dishes, and I’m NOT ashamed! (and you shouldn’t be either!) We’re mothers, and we’re allowed to use products that make our life easier, save us money, and please our family.  The pretzel chicken is easy and very good. Dip your chicken pieces in your favorite honey mustard, and then roll in crushed pretzel bits. Bake as you would regular chicken!

Tuesday: Firecracker Casserole

Wednesday: Asparagus Dijon Chicken Fettuccini (I used this recipe as a reference. I made my own alfredo sauce, and did not use a box of Chicken Helper. I also used fresh asparagus. However, this recipe would work, or can just help you figure out how to make it on your own.)

Thursday: Homemade pizza (a true Lindner family favorite!)

Friday: Pigs in a Blanket

Saturday: Taco Mac (Another quick and easy dish that uses a handy pantry product, mac n’ cheese!) I jazz up a box of macaroni using salsa, taco seasoning, green chile’s, extra cheese, seasoned ground beef, black beans..You could really add whatever your family likes!

Sunday: Cowboy Casserole