Edgefield is more than wine my friends.While they do make some of the finest wine I’ve tried (and yes, I’ve been staring at the bottle in our fridge for months now…only 11 more weeks until I can have it!) they have so much more to offer, especially if you are in search of a fun, and cheap date night!

Like several of the other local McMenamins, Edgefield offers a movie theater with, get this, $3 movies! While the movies are typically a bit behind what is in the traditional theater, you can’t beat the price (or the atmosphere!) (It should be noted that Edgefield’s theater is much more traditional than some of the other McMenamin’s theaters however.) And, in place of over-priced popcorn and boxes of Junior Mints, you can sit and enjoy a pint of delicious Ruby Ale (or one of the other fine microbrews available), and a side of tots.

Another fun date night at Edgefield, would be to go and enjoy one of their outdoor movies. With summer coming to a close, this week’s offering may be your last chance for awhile. On Wednesday, September 1st,and Thursday, September 2nd, they will be playing Spaceballs outside on the lawn. It is free to attend, and lots of fun! Bring a blanket and a picnic, and watch a classic movie under the stars. Shows start right after dusk. If you miss out on this week’s free outdoor movie, make sure to check their website next summer for next season’s schedule.

At a recent photo shoot at Edgefield (my husband and I run our own photography business – http://www.lindnerphotographic.com) we noticed the golf course for the first time! Edgefield actually offers two golf courses available for play. They are equally challenging, but suitable enough for beginners. You can play the east course of 12 holes for just$12. You can play the west course of 20 holes for just $18. For a golfer sick of their home course, or a couple looking to try something new, this might be the activity for you!

If movies or golfing aren’t your thing, you could always pack a picnic lunch and simply stroll through the beautiful gardens on-site. There are lots of places to explore, and you couldn’t ask  for more beautiful or romantic surroundings for a stroll or a picnic.

There are also a handful of restaurants (some tiny and tucked away) on-site.

Head over to http://www.mcmenamins.com/54-edgefield-home for more info on any of these cheap date night ideas!