When my husband and I first started dating, he made me an omelet, and I was beyond impressed. I’d never really been able to master this versatile egg dish, but David…wow…he was the omelet master. I had visions of him making this treat for our family in the years to come. The years have come, and he doesn’t make the omelets. =)

So, I had to learn how to make these high-protein, delicious meals for my family. My biggest struggle when trying to prepare this for my family was timing. Making four omelets while also trying to get the other dinner components ready was a challenge. I would have to stop what I was doing, add toppings, wait, flip, start over, etc….If you’re making more than one, omelets can be kind of a pain! BUT, I have two different ways to make them today that allow you to keep working on other meal elements and provide the same level of egg goodness. (That sounds cheesy, but remember, I’m tired with a newborn.) =) On we go!

Paula Deen…Oh how I love her. I saw her do this on her tv show several years ago, and it changed my life (well, in relation to omelets anyways.) First, start a large pot of boiling water…trust me here. Next, get all of your toppings prepped and ready to go. I like to have lots of grated cheese, veggies, bacon or ham, etc. Then, mix up a bowl of your seasoned eggs. Here is the fun and somewhat unbelievable part….For each person in your family, pour some of the egg mixture into a resealable bag. Mix in the desired toppings and seal the bag. (It is a little easier if you rest the bag inside a mug so it stands upright.) Now, time to take the leap of faith…drop the sealed bag into the boiling water and let it go for about 7 minutes. Take it out, and let it cool for a few minutes before you open it up. Trust me, this works!! Using this method allows you to make ALL the omelets for your whole family all at the same time! You could even have two pots going and do omelets for 10-12 people all at the same time! I LOVE this idea and am so glad to be able to share it!

The second idea is certainly not as fancy as the goddess of butter’s idea, but it works, and is great for a quick morning breakfast for your kids. I actually started doing this because my son adores eggs, but my daughter doesn’t, and I didn’t like going to a lot of trouble to do eggs for just one kid. Get a microwaveable tupperware dish out. A rectangle or square works the best. Crack two eggs into the dish and whisk them well. (I also love that you don’t mess up multiple dishes!) Microwave the eggs for 1 minute. Take the dish out and sprinkle in cheese and any other topping on one side of the eggs. Microwave for another 45 seconds to 1 minute. Fold your eggs in half, creating a make-shift, rustic, adorable little omelette for your child. My son LOVES this breakfast, and I like being able to give him some protein.

So, omelets ARE accessible, and even the busiest of moms can do this for her family! Try it out!