Welcome to “The Confessional.” Each week, mothers will be able to confess their guilt, mothering “sins”, stories, secrets…Why you ask? No, not to provide a platform from which others may judge and mock us. Here’s the bottom line…We need to know we’re not alone. We need to know we’re not the only one. I don’t know about you, but I feel such a sense of relief when I hear another woman admit to something that I do as well. I secretly smile when I see another child act out in the same way mine do. When I see and hear these things I know that I’m not alone…

We all carry around false notions about each other. Every other mom is prettier, more organized, a better homemaker….Every one else’s kids NEVER climb on the table, hit their siblings, or tell lies…We hold ourselves to imaginary standards that NO ONE can ever live up to. So, it’s time to confess…to lay it all out on the table…Come on, it’s for the sake of sisterhood…Let’s stand together knowing that we ALL have bad days. EVERY mom screws up. EVERY child acts out. We’re in this together. Let’s take some comfort and solace in knowing that out there, another mother is secretly wishing to sell her children on ebay too..(okay maybe not that far…but you know where I’m going with this.) =)

I will step up to the plate and admit that I am taking the first turn in the confessional today. Should you wish to liberate yourself and confess, shoot me an email or send me a comment letting me know you’d like to confess. You can do so anonymously if you wish. Here we go…


Father forgive me, for I have sinned..Oh wait…wrong kind of confessional…

1. Last week, my two year old son ran away from me in the JC Penney’s….I found him wandering around the lingerie department, admiring the lace panties….He said he wanted to see the “big Barbies.” (mannequins)

2. I had an oatmeal scotchie and a Diet Coke for breakfast four times last week..

3. I didn’t brush my child’s teeth last night because I was too tired to fight him…

4. Sometimes, I start counting down the hours until the kids’ bedtime before lunch.

5. I’ve rigged CandyLand so that Hannah will win quickly, and the game will be over sooner.

6. On occasion, I will wait to make  cookies until the kids are in bed, so I don’t have to share the cookie dough beater..

7. I stopped going to the best park in town because the other moms at the park were prettier/better dressed than me.

8. I’ve threatened to cut my ears off about a dozen times in the last few weeks…(baby with colic)

9. Hannah picked out a box of Lucky Charms at the grocery store…There is maybe a bowl’s worth left in the box…She hasn’t eaten any of it.

Think you can do this? Admit a handful of things that you do as a mom…maybe things that eat at you (for no good reason, mind you, as we ALL do these things!) Stand with me…Support each other. Empathize. Admit to your friends when they are struggling with their kids that you’ve been there too…It’s okay to admit we are NOT perfect…Remember, none of us are supermom..we’re just chasing her. =)