It’s that time again…Sunday means it is time to confess…to lay it all out there in a quest to gain validation, empathy, and understanding from other moms. We all struggle. We all have bad days. However, we all love our kids, and wake up wanting to do the best we can. We try and we fail….we may as well laugh about it.

Since no one else has dared to venture the confessional yet, I will yet again share my own mothering “sins” with you today.

Father forgive me…

1. Hannah has had to sit through probably several dozen episodes ofย  Top Chef with me…(and usually will say things like, “Mommy, please don’t ever make that!”)

2. My husband has a “lay around the house” shirt that I despise…I will often just keep washing it, or just put it in the hamper over and over so that he can’t wear it. (hope he doesn’t read this post..)

3. My children think sparkling flavored water is soda, and that Crystal Light is juice.

4. I told Hannah I couldn’t find her Mickey Mouse Christmas cd, because I find it so terribly annoying…(after reading this, I think I’ll let her just keep it in her room, and just keep it out of the car.)

5. I love the smell of playdough. While I will typically make home-made for the kids, there is just something about the smell of the store-bought out of the can stuff that I just love…

6. I sincerely miss the shows “Higglytown Heroes,” “Johnny and the Sprites,” and “Dragon Tales.”

As always, good to release a bit of myself tonight..Vulnerability and sincerity is good for the soul. Try it for yourself, and enter the confessional…if you dare!