I am super excited to have a guest blogger in The Confessional today! This is a fabulous lady with three kids. She has bravely let us peek into her mind this week, and is sharing some of her own confessions today. Here we go…

Father forgive me…

1. At bedtime, if we’re short on time, (or let’s face it, if I don’t like the book) I will skip pages in the book- oh so discreetly grabbing two pages together to turn- several times throughout the book….

2. I am currently rolling and cutting out the sugar cookies to bake- depriving the children of the rolling and cutting out, so that they can frost them later- hey, we have carpet in our dining area, that and flour all over the table (and then the floor don’t mix well! )

3. I have been known to get a big bag of Dibs ice cream bits, giving the kids some, then having the rest for myself.. and then tell the kids when they ask for some the next day.. “sorry, that was all there was…”…. ;

4. When going through the dirty laundry, I will put the boys’ jeans back in their drawer, several times, when determining what needs to be washed… they don’t know this

5. When determining that a child (or children) will not want to part with anything in their toys, especially those things that have not been played with in forever and they will pass over daily, I have gone through and taken things out to give away- they don’t know this.. (but if I told them what I was doing or asked them, they’d pick nothing, or have a fit about it), and there’s only so much room..

6. My children have a pop tart, every morning, when they wake up.. I’m not sure how we developed this habit, I didn’t start out this way.. but they have more breakfast later.. honest…

7. I’ve given a super picky eater a big ol’ spoon of peanut butter in lieu of a snack, because they needed protein, and I was stressed out about them getting enough to eat..

I guess I should stop now… I’m not looking so good.. not that I thought I looked good, but yeah….to quote my mother: “it’s there as it is..” 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing your confessions with us today! I love that we as mothers are coming together to put it out there that we are NOT perfect, and that “the perfect mother” does not exist. We’re all in this together…just doing the best we can.