While thinking back on 2010, and evaluating the things that really stuck out to me, I decided the blog would not be complete without a post on my Top 5 New Recipes that I tried in 2010. Several of the recipes have already been featured on the blog (as I like to share my success stories with you all), and some are new. This list was very easy to come up with…Each recipe immediately jumped to mind as a clear winner. I hope you will take some time to try them out for yourself. Perhaps they will become a favorite of yours in 2011!

1. Supermom’s 4 Cheese Baked Rigatoni – I featured this recipe on the blog back in September, and it has quickly climbed into the top 5 posts on my blog. I LOVE this meal! It is part of Supermom’s holy trifecta of cooking..cheap, easy, and the kids will eat it! This delicious meal is great to serve to company, a friend in need of a meal, or just to serve up to your family on a cozy evening. If you love pasta and are looking for an alternative to plain old spaghetti or fettuccine, you have got to try this creamy and oh so simple baked rigatoni! Trust me ladies, you will not be disappointed!

2. Peach Muffins – My baking goddess friend Jenae Dryden gave me this recipe this past summer. I would never have thought to make muffins out of fresh peaches, but what a wonderful treat! She was looking for something to do with all of the peaches she had in the summer, and wanted to try something that was not a dessert. She found this amazing recipe, and I am so happy to share it with all of you! She and I make this without the streusel.

3. Better than Everything Cake – I was looking for a new dessert to whip up for my book club this last year, and came across this cake. At first, I was a bit apprehensive..I wasn’t seeing how pouring condensed milk on top of a cake could possibly taste good..but OH MY, how it does! Everyone at the table quickly agreed, that yes, this cake truly is better than just about everything! As a tip, if you can’t find toffee bits (or don’t like them), you can crumble up a Snickers bar. Yum!!

4. Cakeballs – Yes, a recent post here on Chasing Supermom, but truly one of the best things I’ve ever had…ever! My daughter recently commented, “Mommy, I wish I could eat these all day long.” You’ll want to as well. Trust me. Get your hands messy and roll up some of these treats for yourself! The possibilities are nearly endless!

5. Deep-Dish Chicken Pot Pie – Is there anything more comforting than chicken pot pie? This is a recipe that every mom should know how to make. It is a warm and hearty meal that provides your family with a ton of vegetables, and protein too. This is hands-down the best chicken pot pie I’ve ever made. It is worth the effort!

Happy cooking! Here’s to trying new things and creating new family favorites!