Wahoo! We have another awesome guest blogger in “The Confessional” today. I am so thrilled that moms out there are willing to put themselves out there and share their mommy confessions with the world. I have had SO MUCH positive feedback on this weekly feature. We’re all in this together, and not too surprisingly, we all probably resonate with several confessions posted each week.

This week’s blogger is such a wonderful person and a terrific mom. She is married with one child, is amazingly creative and crafty, and is truly one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. (and I miss her!)

Father forgive me…

Coming up with these was way too easy! 🙂
Here goes! ☺

1. I still serve my 2 ½ year old a variety of vegetables in baby food – ones I tell him he has to eat, but I refuse to.

2. I started running routinely six months ago mostly to have 30 mins to myself in which there are no obligations to complete.

3. With my husband working evenings and me completing evening routines as a “single” parent, we skip baths way too often!

4. When I’m finally off work, picked up my son, and make it home at 5, I resort to frozen dinners more often than I should.

5. I’m not above using Disney movies as a babysitter in our house when I’m desperate to sew or scrapbook.

6. I’ve used baby wipes to “mop” my kitchen floor.

7. I’m the master of skimming textbooks because playing with my son is way more fun than studying!!

I live by the motto: “Enjoy the moment that you’re in!” Thinking past the moment is often way too overwhelming.”

Love it! Thank you for sharing this week! Let me know if YOU want to step into “The Confessional!”