Are you looking for a fun, new activity for your kids?  Tired of the same old board games and puzzles? Do you want your child to have fun while promoting critical thinking skills? Are you looking for something different for your child’s next birthday party? Want a special way to surprise your child with a gift? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you NEED to check out InCLUEsive Treasure Hunt!

InCLUEsive Treasure Hunt is “a party in a box.” This incredibly innovative game provides you with everything you need for a treasure hunt. Children LOVE treasure hunts, but busy moms often don’t have time to put in all the work of creating clues, etc. This game comes with pre-made clues (that are fun and challenging), and instructions on how to hide them. You can play the game in teams (perfect for a child’s birthday party!), or individually (perfect for giving your child or children a special gift!) Cari, the creator of the game, has come up with two different versions. There is a 7+ and a 10+ version. The 10+ version includes a few more clues and is a bit more challenging. I can say from personal experience, that the clues will get your kids thinking! (I had to stop and think to figure out a few of the clues in the 10+ version!)

Cari graciously sent me the 10+ version to review. Let me tell you, it was like Christmas when the box came. My  daughter was SO excited, and instantly started begging me to hide the clues once she found out there was a treasure hunt inside the box! I chose to hide one set of the clues (each box comes with 2 sets, allowing you to play in teams or play twice individually!) Hannah who is nearly 5, was able to play the game with assistance from her Dad. She thought it was great fun, and was THRILLED each time she found the next clue. It was great to have an activity for her that got her up and moving, thinking, and having fun all without the tv! It was quick and easy to set the game up, as I simply had to follow the directions included in the game. It took just a few minutes to hide the clues….it was SO easy!!AND, there is another set of clues that we can play on a different day! (I’m thinking about using them to hide the bike she is getting for her upcoming birthday!)

I highly recommend this treasure hunt game. This would be the perfect activity for your child’s next birthday party! Forget the noisy playplace and the giant price tag that comes with it! Pick up one of Cari’s, InCLUEsive Treasure Hunt games for the VERY reasonable price of $21.95. You can learn more about these fantastic games by heading on over to the product website. InCLUEsive Creations. I also suggest that you “like” her on Facebook, so that you can be the first to find out about specials and new products!