Welcome yet again to The Confessional…the place where we come together in the name of validation. In The Confessional, we realize we are NOT the only one….we find relief, comfort, laughter, and forgiveness. To check out all past confessions, click here: The Confessional Archives. The overwhelming amount of response I’ve received from this feature just lets me know that we’re all looking for a place to lay it all out there…to seek and receive support…We’re all in this together…mothers standing together…Here we go…

Father forgive me…

1. I make my kids do their own laundry. Granted they ARE 13 & 15, they still do it.

2. I really don’t mind that my 15 year old is being lazy & not showing much interest
in Drivers Ed- I’m NOT ready!!

3. About once a month I just take a day where I don’t do much & tell my Hubby I had an
awful headache or not feeling well just so he will take care of the kids & nightly duties so
I can relax & “feel better”

4. I always get on my kids to clean their bedrooms but my room, is pretty much always a mess.
I just can’t help it, if I clean it, its a mess again the next day!

5. We have been talking about the future alot lately, what we will do once the kids graduate
& move out, etc and honestly, I don’t like to talk about it. I don’t want them to leave…I’d
be perfectly fine with them living at home through college. And, what will I actually “DO” once
they’re not here?

6. We went to Disneyland last year & the kids fought the entire week. I am now planning a trip
to Disney World, without them. (they don’t know yet)

7. I set my alarm in the morning just to make sure my kids are up for school. I then have a different
alarm set to actually get up.

8. For some strange reason, when the kids ask for ice cream on a school night, we are out of it.
That usually works until they see a used bowl the next day…ooops!

The Confessional is currently scheduled through February, but I am taking names and have written up a schedule. If you would like the chance to confess, please let me know! Send me a facebook message, or use the “Contact Me” tab at the top of the homepage. Happy Sunday!