Another week and another opportunity to come together in the name of validation, letting each other know we are NOT alone. You are NOT the only mother who hides the annoying toy your child just loves (you know the one…OR the one that magically runs out of batteries ALL the time…) You are NOT the only mother who has fed their child a corndog for breakfast. You are NOT the only mother who secretly longs to be put in time-out (what I wouldn’t do for 29 minutes in the hallway..) As moms we need to support each other, pick each other up when we fall, and just be there to listen…Today’s participant is a great listener and a great mother to two kids. If you would like to check out all of the past volumes of “The Confessional” click here: Confessional Archives.

If YOU would like to confess, just let me know and I will get you on the schedule! Trust me, it is truly a cathartic and freeing experience. Okay, here we go…

Father forgive me….

These are my confessions…. {sing it like the mash up on Glee}

1.) I used to judge those with kid-messy cars. I’d roll my eyes in my head & think to myself, puh-lease, can’t you keep your car clean? Now, I am one of those Moms. My car looks as though a toy factory and a goldfish factory collided. Don’t judge.

2.) I am so tired of picking up the same puzzle pieces strewn about the house that I am tempted to throw the whole thing away threw it all away.

3.) There is a superhero t-shirt that was my husband’s when he was little & C loves it. However, it’s too small on him & he insisted on wearing it every day. So I hid it & told him it got lost somehow.

4.) Sometimes I run completely out of patience & don’t feel up for a battle & want to get out the door in a reasonable time, so I just dress my almost 5 year old & put his shoes on for him.

5.) I unintentionally allowed them to eat chocolate before breakfast. They were being sneaky & by the time I caught them, half of the chocolate was eaten, so I just let them finish it. A little chocolate treat in the morning can be a good thing, right?! {i see you nodding your head yes} 😉

6.) Speaking of chocolate, we slowly got rid of their halloween candy {the hubs took some daily to work} & told them, “wow! you ate all your candy! its gone!”

7.) My two kids & I were waiting in the car while the Hubs ran in to get a few items from Target. My 2.5 yo exclaimed, “mommy! I have to go poop!”

So, I asked her kindly to hold it till we got home because I did not want to have to drag two kids across the parking lot in the pouring rain.

8.) C will belt out lyrics like, “hey baby I want to marry you!” or “dj turn it up!!” huge shout out to my workout playlist on that one. Simply because I refuse to workout after they’ve gone to bed OR before they wake up & I must listen to pumping music while doing so.

9.) After cooking for over an hour & made an awesome dinner, the kids threw a huge fit about not wanting to eat THAT, instead of sticking to my guns, I let them eat cereal for dinner.

10.) Sometimes I let the kids watch a movie on the couch during lunch & quiet time {they don’t nap anymore…..ahhh!} just so I can have a few moments to myself.

11.) Ok so #10 happens a lot.

12.) Speaking of time to myself, I had to get some blogging/editing done {& maybe a little Facebook time too} that I let the kids play upstairs by themselves. Come to find out that was a bad decision, as the kids were having a tea party and poured water all over K’s kitchen. It. Was. Everywhere.

13.) I’ve let C pee at the park before because he had to go really bad & I didn’t want to walk all the way home.

14.) I don’t do well waking up in the middle of the night, so when K wakes up, instead of making her go back to her bed, I just allow her to climb in my bed even though I am worse off sleep wise than if I’d just make her go back to her own bed.

15.) After a very long & exhausting day of meltdowns,  & battles the Hubs came home from work early & as soon as he entered the house, I ran upstairs locked myself in my bathroom & took a hot bath with a glass of wine.

**notice a running theme in my motherly sins?! I’m running low on patience most days.