I LOVE The Confessional! I love reading the confessions and breathing a sigh of relief….the “oh thank God, someone else does it too” moment that occurs every Sunday. I love knowing I AM NOT ALONE. Other moms get frustrated. No mother has it all together (not even the ones that fake it…) We all wake up each day and attempt to do the best we can for our families, and along the way, we cheat the system….we create loopholes…we make allowances…we do the little things we don’t really want to admit to (even though they are the very things that keep us sane!) So, sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and breathe that sweet sigh of relief.Today’s participant is a missed friend of mine (we moved =( ) and a great mother of three kids.

Here we go!

Father forgive me…

1. To keep the noise level down, I started letting my kids eat breakfast in the living room in front of the TV to keep them quiet while their dad was sleeping and on night shift. They still do this even when their dad is home.

2. We told our youngest that she must have a tapeworm because of her good appetite. At a friends house she declared that she ate so much because of her inchworm.

3. My kids often wear their coats (and sometimes hats) even when they are home because I don’t like the sound of the heaters running.

4. On a similar note, I don’t like lights being left on, especially the overhead ones. Six months after moving in our elderly neighbor whom we bought the land from called to see if our house was done and when we might be moving in.

5. I used to be a short order cook. Now, I’ll cook dinner and if my kids don’t like it they can make something on their own. It’s just not worth the battle to me.

6. We have dessert nearly every single night. Ice cream for them, cereal for me.

7. Some days I just wish my kids would take hot lunch even though I know they won’t eat everything.

8. I’d much rather play Life and Clue with my kids on the Wii. No more little cars with stick people constantly falling out and forever looking for the missing weapons at the end of the game.