I always feel so honored when I am blessed with the opportunity to review toys. However, it is even more of a blessing when I get to work with and promote companies that truly make AMAZING toys. I am so pleased to introduce you to Doodletown Toys!!

Doodletown Toys is dedicated to making safe, beautifully hand-crafted, high quality wooden toys for children. This well established company (over 30+ years of toymaking experience!!) run by some of the nicest people imaginable has created a whole line of adorable, fun, and imaginative wooden toys. In addition to the toys I reviewed for them, Doodletown has several other products I want you to “meet.” One of their best sellers is the personalized name train. I don’t know about you, but my little man LOVES trains. I know just how much he would love his very own “Henry” train! This train is also VERY affordable!

They also have a wonderful bag of blocks, wooden trains and trucks, a car carrier truck, and some adorable pull toys! These are gorgeous toys that are built to last, and Doodletown has something for every budget! Check out a few more of their great products!

For my review, the great folks from Doodletown, sent me a brand new product for their 2011 line, the Little Toys Toy Tote, from their Little Toys for Little Hands series! This was a small and sturdy (and washable!) canvas tote bag, filled with all 8 of their little toys for little hands! The set came with  the Car, Copter, Dozer, Grader, Plane, Pickup, Toot, and Tractor. I can’t even tell you how excited my kids were to open this bag!!

The SECOND they opened this durable bag of 8 fabulous wooden toys, the imaginative play began! In addition to how well these toys are made, I LOVE that they inspire imagination and truly engaging play. Children bring a part of themselves to this toy. They are engaged in active pretend play without all the lights, bells, and whistles. These little toys (for little hands) bring out a spark in children. They get their hands on these little wooden vehicles and their minds just start to go places… My children instantly started saying things like, “Let’s go to the airport” and “We’re chugging along down the tracks.” “Hurry farmer, let’s go check the corn!” They were PLAYing. So many toys today do all of the playing FOR the child. What I loved about the Doodletown toys, were that my kids were the driving force behind the play.

Each of the vehicles inside of the Toy Tote are 4 inches by 3 inches and made from solid wood (and they smell amazing!) These toys are extremely sturdy and can hold up to the toughest play. These toys were truly made to last, and are an investment that will be enjoyed by not only your children, but most likely your grandchildren as well! Each toy is simple, yet so true to life. Take a closer look at these toys! They are so lovingly made, and truly fit their name (Little Toys for Little Hands!)

Gorgeous huh? These toys kept my kids busy for a LONG time! They got out other toys and incorporated these into imaginative scenes. The bulldozer pushed around dominoes. The car and truck took a drive on the car mat. The train was introduced to Thomas. The helicopter and plane flew all over the house. The next morning, these were the first thing my son went for when he woke up. You may be asking yourself, where can I get these for MY kids?! Well, you have a few ways to find these wonderful toys.

1. Head on over to the Doodletown Toys Website! You can buy all of their toys mentioned in this post (and more) directly from their website.

2. Check out the Store Locator! Locals, there are several stores in the Portland area that carry the Little Toy Tote, and a few stores along the coast and in the Seattle area as well! There are retailers all across the country that carry Doodletown Toy products, so I am sure that no matter what state you live in, you will be able to find them at a store near you!

3. I recommend you “like” Doodletown Toys on facebook! You can stay informed of any new products, what the company is up to, and learn of any specials.

I encourage all of you to get out there and purchase some of these wonderfully made, imaginative, playful, and FUN toys! They are just the right size for your little one, and will inspire creativity and hours of pretend play. These definitely get the Supermom stamp of approval! I was honored and blessed to do this review! I hope you will add a Doodletown Toy to your family soon!