This week, in the aftermath of a long family visit and the death of our beloved doggy, we are having some straight-up comfort food at our house this week!

If you have never tried meal planning, I highly recommend it for several reasons. It saves you stress, time, and money! Which mom out there wouldn’t want less stress, more time, and more money?! I have done my meal planning a month at a time, 2 weeks at a time, or simply one week at a time. If you are new to this, start small, and just plan out your meals for one week. If you aren’t a fan of all of the recipes listed here for the week, you can check out my Weekly Menu Archives!

Monday: French Bread Pizza! I LOVE French bread pizza….LOVE it! To check out more of my non-traditional pizza ideas, click here: Not Your Mama’s Pizza!

Tuesday: S.O.S. – I won’t tell you what the first S stands for, but the rest is “blank on shingles.” Basically, this meal consists of ground beef sauteed with onions and mushrooms and mixed into a beef gravy. I like to add a touch of sour cream to the gravy towards the end. Serve up the beefy gravy over biscuits or toast. Looks like…well, you know, but tastes, oh so good!

Wednesday: Chicken Fettuccine – If you’re feeling guilty about it, try making your own alfredo using half and half instead of cream, and throw in some sauteed veggies!

Thursday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches – Supermom’s Pulled Pork Recipe – The recipe listed is for chicken, but you can just as easily substitute it for pork!

Friday: Chicken Pot Pie – And please, for pity’s sake, put a crust on the bottom!

Saturday: Beef Stroganoff – You can use either cut up round steak or ground beef. A good cheater’s sauce is to use golden mushroom or cream of mushroom mixed with sour cream. Stir this into the pan you used to sautee the meat and veggies. Delicious!

Sunday: Homemade Subs – Who says Sunday’s meal has to be fancy pants? We like to buy sub rolls from the bakery and get a selection of deli meats and cheeses. We toast them in our oven and then add our favorite veggies and condiments. They are awesome, and they don’t cost $5.

Happy Meal Planning everyone!