I am loving Fridays! It has been so much fun to stop for a few minutes, and read about another mother. I love finding similarities, ideas, and words of wisdom from moms who have been there too! This week’s mother is Shari Hoffman, a fellow mom blogger, and awesome mother of two girls! I have really enjoyed getting to chat with her a bit this week, and hope to get to know her better! You can find her blog at hendersonhoffmans.blogspot.com. Check it out! Sit back, grab a drink, and get to know a new friend! Let me know if you’d like a turn in the spotlight!

The Basics:

Name: Shari Hoffman
Age: 36
Kids: 2 daughters, aged 2 (Madden) and 4 (almost 5) (Hannah)
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ but we’ve lived in Henderson, NV for 11 years now!

Kid Stuff:

Children’s TV show I actually LIKE: Yo Gabba Gabba! We went to the Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE show in Vegas
and I think I screamed the loudest of everyone in the audience and knew the words to all the songs! But I adore
that show!
My children are NOT allowed to watch: They ONLY like Nick JR shows, so if it’s not on Nick JR, they walk
One kids’ movie I really love is: I’m not a princess-y type of mom but I do like Cinderella, love ET and Toy
My favorite book(s) to read to my kids are: They love Dr. Suess books, like Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat
in the Hat and the Baby Series (“No No, Yes Yes” , “Big/Little”, “Quiet/Loud”, “Binky”)
My kids go to bed at: I am ashamed to admit this but they are TERRIBLE sleepers! They stay up until about 10
PM but we DO put them in bed at 8 PM! They read or talk to each other.
My favorite rainy day activity is: On rainy days we love to play on the Crayola Spin art or do Play Dough! I
also let my girls go out and play in the rain if it’s not cold (rain is rare for us in NV so it’s a novelty and usually
a light rain!)
When it’s warm out: We hit up the indoor and outdoor pools and local splash pads (sprinkler parks). Henderson
has a bunch of them and they are beautiful! But we are definitely water babies!
My favorite kid friendly restaurants are: BJ’s, Red Robin, Jason’s Deli

Let’s Eat:

The pantry item I absolutely cannot live without is: Pasta! It’s a staple J
My go-to weeknight dinner is: Pasta with fresh fruit salad on the side or veggies
My go-to company meal is: I usually buy prepared foods from Whole Foods – they have delicious options! I’ve
done baked Ziti, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Chicken, Gourmet Pizza, etc…
The food I pretend to buy for the kids that is really for me is: Sour Patch Kids (shhhh!)
My food weakness is: Sushi!!!!! My best friend Sophie and I are sushi fanatics and we love to try and eat it once
per week.
I am not myself in the morning until I’ve had my cup of: sorry to be cliché but the answer is coffee! I wish I
could have a Starbucks in my house, complete with barista!


Aside from my kids, I am PASSIONATE about: Homelessness in our country.
If I had a whole day all to myself, I would: have a cleaning crew come in and clean my house while I hit up
boutiques, get a facial/massage and indulge in some sushi!
My absolute most favorite movie of all time is: OK, I am NOT shallow but I love to laugh! I’d have to say
Anchorman, The Story of Ron Burgandy or on a more serious level, I loved the film A Room with a View.
My favorite TV show is: The Office
My celebrity crush is: May I please have two? I need a back up in case one guy is busy! I pick Viggo Mortensen
and Robert Downey Jr!
If you were to put my ipod on shuffle, you’d likely hear: Adele, Florence and the Machine, Ingrid Michaelson,
Matchbox 20, Pink, Jason Mraz
The best book I ever read was: I really need two again…She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb and The Glass

Castle by Jeannette Walls. I recommend both to anyone!
My spouse (partner) and I keep romance alive by: Romance? Seriously, what’s that? I’m bad at it.
We “attempt” date nights and love to try new restaurants…sometimes we steal some time alone for wine when
the kids finally fall asleep!
My favorite place to shop is: I love Naartjie for my kids clothes (I spend WAY more money on the kids than
myself), Old Navy, Macy’s, Anthropologie and most of all, Marshalls and Ross!
I am sent to my breaking point when: when my kids have whined all days (over nothing) and then they won’t
go to sleep)…I usually take some time to decompress and let the hubby watch the girls while I hide with my
When I’m stressed out I: BLOG (my blog is appropriately called HOFFMANIA and it’s an eclectic family blog
that focuses on my kids, my husband, crafts, surveys, food, home décor, deals and anything you can think of.
I also decompress by playing Words with Friends on my Android, EAT (that’s bad), shop online (also bad) or
call a friend.
My favorite (most tolerated) way to exercise is: Jumping on our backyard trampoline!!! I LOVE IT!
The best piece of advice I ever received was: This too shall pass.