It’s Sunday…the day of the week many of us use to purge ourselves of our guilt and seek absolution. Why not do the same with your mothering “sins”? Allow yourself to release all of the things you are too embarrassed (or proud) to admit that you do, and discover the truth that EVERY mom does them too. I started The Confessional because NO ONE has it all together, even though at times, we like to pretend that we do. I invite you to sit back, relax, and find validation in another’s confessions. Breathe that sweet sigh of relief. Today’s confessor is an awesome mother of three beautiful girls. I had the privilege of getting to be her middle child’s teacher. Then she became my long-term sub when I went on maternity leave, and then became a co-worker and friend. She’s an honest and very genuine person, a superb teacher (wish my kids could have her!) and someone I miss! If you are interested in entering the confessional, let me know! I was backlogged for awhile, but can begin to accept new confessors again! To check out all past confessionals, click here: The Confessional Archive Here we go!

Father forgive me…

1. Many times I do not supervise the children brushing their teeth before bed. Instead I play two games of Bejeweled Blitz and yell down the hall, “Your two minutes are up.”

2. I put a couple of Barbie DVDs in the bottom of a paper bag and then covered them up with my clothes that were being donated to the local elementary school garage sale.

3. Frequently I make the kids go to bed early because I am tired.

4. I yelled at my teenager for leaving the bathroom a mess before she left for school. She walked to the bus in tears. (Yeah, I won’t be winning mom of the year for that one – I’m a teacher – I know how important it is to start their day off right! Next time I’ll yell at her after school.)

5. My teenager needed to be picked up early from youth group because she felt sick to her stomach. I took my husband’s truck because I didn’t want her puking in my car!

6. I’m twice the age and have half the metabolism as a 20 year old, but sometimes I eat a snack while I’m cooking even after I’ve told my skinny-as-a-rail 7 year old that there are no snacks before dinner.