Welcome to the Weekly Menu feature here on Chasing Supermom. I love equipping moms with new recipes, menu ideas, and quick supers they can prepare for their family. I am a true believer in meal planning. It saves time and money, and prevents the 4:30 stress-out from happening. You know that moment….The kids are playing, you’re busy doing laundry or feeding the baby…You look at the clock…It’s 4:30 and you have NO CLUE what you are making for dinner. With meal planning, that moment never comes. You always know. You have your ingredients on hand because you use your meal plan to help you shop. I also love that meal planning helps keep you out of a dinnertime rut. When you take the time to plan, you won’t have to rely on the old stand-bys, and your family will see a wider variety than spaghetti and meatloaf. Here we go!

Monday: White Chicken Chili – It is snowing again here, and this sounds SO good! It has just enough spice to warm you up, and is a hearty and delicious chili variation. I use the recipe on the back of the “White Chicken Chili” spice pouch put out by McCormick.(You can find it at Walmart and Albertsons.)

Tuesday: Home-made Pizza – We could seriously have home-made pizza every week…probably more. I can my own pizza sauce, and we always keep pizza toppings on hand!

Wednesday: Grands Chicken Chile Bake – LOVE this one!

Thursday: Cowboy Casserole – I posted a variation of this dish back in week one or two of the weekly menu, but this is worth posting again. It is hearty and filling, and my kids LOVE this one!

Friday: Egg McMuffins – I started making my own egg mcmuffins awhile ago, and we just adore them! Simply toast up your English muffins (or sometimes we like to use Grands biscuits!). I make over-hard eggs on my skillet, and top each egg with a piece of cheese towards the end, just to melt it. I fry up some deli ham, and add that to the stack of egg and cheese. These are SUPER good, and every bit as tasty as the fast food variety.

Saturday: Loaded Baked Potato Soup with crusty bread  – This soup is SO easy to make, my four year old could do it!

Sunday: Creamy Crockpot Chicken – Had this one last Sunday. Throw frozen chicken breasts into your crockpot. Top with one can of cream soup (I used chicken), and half a packet of Italian dressing mix. Cook on high for four hours. This was awesome, and the chicken was moist and tasty. I served it on top of mashed potatoes.

Happy meal  planning ladies! I love hearing when you try out one of the recipes listed! Let me know!