Welcome  to The Confessional….the place we head into every Sunday here on Chasing Supermom to confess our sins, rid ourselves of guilt and self-doubt, and accept the fact that we are not perfect. We will forever be chasing “Supermom”, the mythical and magical figure we all assume everyone else is…..In The Confessional, we find out the truth…EVERY OTHER MOM struggles…she has bad days….says the wrong thing…feeds her kids the wrong thing…gets angry…makes mistakes….BUT, we all wake up and try to do the best job we know how to do…

Today’s confessor is one of my site’s most loyal readers (and let’s face it..I love that about her!) She is a wonderful mother of twins! Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and find a few reasons to stop feeling so darn guilty…You are exonerated. Go and sin no more. Amen. Here we go..

Father forgive me…

1) My twin daughters are under the impression that fruit snacks are, in fact, fruit.
2) I have let my daughters just eat rice for dinner just because I was tired of getting them to eat the other foods on their plates.
3) Once, when the twins were fresh from the hospital, I brought them home from a checkup. They were fussy, so I laid them on the ground, went into the other room to grab a diaper, came back..and couldn’t tell the babies apart. It took a good 10 minutes for me to figure out which baby was which. I seriously hope I didn’t mix them up.
4) I’m big fan of reading to my girls, but when they were younger, I’d just read whatever was nearby. The first book I read to them was Dante’s Inferno. We also read many issues of Cosmo cover to cover. Really, does the subject of the book matter when they’re babies?
5) I’ve lied about my kids being sick to get out of work. And out of social engagements that I really didn’t want to go to.
6) I have the mouth of a sailor. Seriously, it’s bad. Thankfully, the wonder twins haven’t picked up my potty mouth.
7) After Halloween, the kids’ candy slowly disappears each night thanks to their father and I.
8) My kids have inherited my inability to walk a straight line without bumping or tripping into everything. I feel bad for them, really I do. But it doesn’t stop me from laughing..quite loudly..when they run into the occasional wall. I know, I’m cruel.