It’s Sunday…time to once again step into The Confessional….the place where we purge ourselves of our guilt and parenting shame and find healing and acceptance from our peers (who read this column each week and think, “Oh thank GOD, someone else does this too!) We confess to find validation…to know we are NOT alone…You are not the only parent who has let DJ Lance Rock babysit. You are not the only parent who throws away puzzle pieces and Barbie shoes because it is easier than putting them away. You are not the only parent to look at the clock around lunchtime and think, “how on earth am I ever going to make it through the next 8 hours?!” We all struggle. We all fail. We’re all “chasing supermom.” However, today’s confessor, is chasing SuperDAD! That’s right ladies, I am proud to introduce our first ever Dad to confess. It is an honor to have James Rohl, fellow blogger and stay at home parent on the website today! I began following @portlanddad’s tweets awhile back, and knew right away I wanted to have him on the blog! He’s witty, honest, and I would love for you to check out his site! You can also find him on twitter:

I hope you will enjoy The Confessional from a man’s perspective today…Sit back, relax, grab some coffee, and get ready to breathe that sigh of relief…Here we go…

Father forgive me…

  1. I tell everyone that we don’t watch too much TV because kids need to be engaged but as I type this the boys are watching TV so I can waste time on the computer.
  2. I tell my kids that my lunch is “Spicy” to keep them from mooching bites of meals I know they will love.
  3. If the house is still a mess when Beautiful gets home from work I make up stories about what a rough day we had even though the real reason has more to do with watching 4 straight episodes of The Shield while the boys took naps.
  4. There are two closets that my wife does not look in regularly, and those closets contain most of what was previously on the floor of the living room 10 minutes ago.
  5. Starting a video for the boys and piling clothes in front of our bedroom door so they can’t easily get in is not exactly sexy foreplay, but it’s an effective start.
  6. I try to project an air of laid back indifference but inside I’m pretty cocky about how much better I am at parenting than you are.
  7. Knowing the right proportions to make a good gin and tonic might be the thing I most proud of teaching my four year old.
  8. I yell much too often, and feel bad about it much too infrequently.
  9. Showering more than twice in one week has not been a part of my routine for far too long.

If YOU would like to confess, let me know and I will get you on the schedule!