It’s Friday, and time to shed the spotlight on another great mom. This week’s mom is Rebecca, a fellow mom blogger who is quickly becoming one of my favorite twitter friends. We’re across the country, and yet I know that if we were closer, we’d hang out. I love finding “friends” all over the country. Connecting to others is a powerful thing….we learn, we grow, we accept differences and find commonalities. We are all in this together as mothers. I hope you will all check out Rebecca’s blog over at : Confessions of a Reluctant Housewife She is honest, witty, and worth checking out! Show her some love this week!

Now, sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee (or in my and Rebecca’s case, a nice can of Diet Coke) and get to know a new mom!

The Basics:

Name: Rebecca Harvin
Age: 28
Kids: 1
Hometown: Jacksonville, Fl

Kid Stuff:

Children’s TV show I actually LIKE: Baby Einstein
My children are NOT allowed to watch: TV in general. She’s only 7 months old.
One kids’ movie I really love is: Beauty and the Beast
My favorite book(s) to read to my kids are: anything Dr. Seuss
My kids go to bed at: 8pm, on the dot
My favorite rainy day activity is: movies
When it’s warm out: the beach/pool
My favorite kid friendly restaurants are: Right now, any restaurant is good. Pretty soon (once she’s eating real
food) I’m gonna say I’ll like the ones who do free kids meals! Just a guess though =)

Let’s Eat:

The pantry item I absolutely cannot live without is: Peanut Butter
My go-to weeknight dinner is: Whatever Brad’s cooking
My go-to company meal is: Pot Roast
The food I pretend to buy for the kids that is really for me is: Nothing yet…
My food weakness is: ice cream (especially during Biggest Loser)
I am not myself in the morning until I’ve had my cup of: Diet Coke


Aside from my kids, I am PASSIONATE about: Jesus. Brad. People in general.Parenting. Blogging.
If I had a whole day all to myself, I would: Probably feel like I was missing something all day (Zoe). As I’m
thinking about this I realize the answer has changed. My standard answer would be to pack my calendar for
the day, book myself friend dates back to back and then maybe a pedicure. Now, I would probably try to
do something with my closest friends, spend a few hours at Barnes and Noble, grab a pedicure and have a
wonderful date night with Brad.
My absolute most favorite movie of all time is: 27 Dresses
My favorite TV show is: hand down, Regis and Kelly!!!
My celebrity crush is: Clive Owen
If you were to put my ipod on shuffle, you’d likely hear: Nothing! My iPod has been broken for a year and I
haven’t replaced it. I’m awful at technology gadgets. But, before it broke, you would hear Worship, Country,
and Jack Johnson.
The best book I ever read was: Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers
My spouse (partner) and I keep romance alive by: date nights, hiding love notes around the house, making out
in the kitchen, holding hands, always sitting on the same couch, cuddling, love notes in lunch boxes…we’re a
pretty romantic couple.
My favorite place to shop is: Target.
I am sent to my breaking point when: Zoe is sick, or crying and I can’t figure it out.
When I’m stressed out I: eat Peanut M & M’s, and then pull into myself, calm myself down and come up with a
game plan
My favorite (most tolerated) way to exercise is: HA! Is there a favorite way to exercise? But, I really need to.
The after effects of this pregnancy need to GO!

The best piece of advice I ever received was: “Love God, love others, do whatever you want”