Boys…Mud, sports, wrestling, rough-housing, climbing (on everything!), trains, cars, dinosaurs, superheroes, pirates…SO much fun! I have so often heard moms say things like, “Girls are just so much more fun than boys.” “I don’t like any of the “boy” things.” “Girls are more fun to shop for.” Guilty? If you are, don’t feel bad…you’re at the Chasing Supermom blog, where it’s okay to admit things like that…However, I want to change your mind! If you are already in love with all things boy, you’ll want to keep reading too….

I am SOOO excited to announce my upcoming blogging event, “NO Girls Allowed!” Let’s face it…boys often get the short end of the stick. Girls tend to get more attention (at home AND at school), and as mothers, we often tend to relate more to our daughters than our sons. I remember thinking, “But, I don’t know how to play with boys!” when I found out I would be having one….I understood dolls, and house, and tea party…I hadn’t yet been introduced to the wild and rollicking world of BOYS! Now that I am a proud mama of two boys, I am quickly finding out just how much fun boys can be. There are SO many incredible things out there you can do with your sons…and I am very excited to share some of them with you!

Mark your calendars ladies! Starting April 22nd (in honor of my little man’s 3rd b-day), the NO Girls Allowed event will commence! Each day I will be featuring learning activities, crafts, games, creative play ideas, snacks, books, and products that are ALL about the boys! I am also pleased to announce that each day I will be featuring an awesome product that is made just for the little man in your life  for you to check out. Chasing Supermom is blessed to be working with some awesome people for this event! AND, at least a dozen simultaneous giveaways will be going on during the event! (The easiest entries ever!) If you’re not already a fan of Chasing Supermom on Facebook, you’ll want to become one, as you’ll need to “like” me to enter! Just watch for the No Girls Allowed photo album to go up on my site, where you can check out each of the prizes up for grabs. All you’ll have to do is leave a comment under the pictures of the items you want. Simple as can be!

NO Girls Allowed- Coming to Chasing Supermom April 22nd! Tell your friends, spread the word, and don’t miss out! SO many awesome activities and products (and chances to win) to share with you coming SOON!