I am always on the look-out for children’s books. I LOVE them! (Maybe even too much…Nah…so such thing as too much love for books!) I was blessed to receive and review, “Just One More,” by Wendi Silvano courtesy of All About Kids Publishing. This adorable little story was the 2003 Children’s Choice Award Winner, and I can see why!

Readers will be introduced to young Hector, a passenger on a VERY crowded bus! Poor Hector seems to be the only rider willing to voice his concern…this bus is PACKED to the brim with people and their packages, and there is just no more room! However, the bus driver continues to stop and pick up a wild assortment of people, all while little Hector keeps yelling, “There’s no more room.” But, each time, the kindly driver answers back, “Just one more!”

I loved the creative variety of passengers on the bus….the woman with her basket of chickens…..the boy and his llama…the man with hay tied to his back…a crazy assortment that will delight and surprise your children! Silvano’s usage of  interesting verbs and adjectives helps expose your children to quality word choice, and serves as a great conversation starter for new vocabulary! I love the words like “squiggled”, “hollered”, “cackled”, and “roly-poly.” This is ANYTHING but your everyday bus ride! The story is brought to life with Ricardo Gamboa’s detailed, humorous, and beautiful pen and ink illustrations. Your children will really get a feel for what that bus looked and felt like! The story ends with a humorous and unexpected twist that your children are sure to enjoy!

The teacher in me is also a HUGE fan of books with any sort of repetition. Repetitive text allows even very young children to be drawn into the story, and allows them to “read along with you.” As each new passenger was picked up, both Hector and the bus driver repeated the same thing, allowing children to anticipate the text and choral read with you. Even my two and a half year old son was shouting along with me, “Just one more!” Getting your children involved in reading is so important, and helps build their confidence as they move towards independent reading! (Even now, as I am writing this, my two older children are sitting with this book on the floor, “reading” it aloud. Repetitive text allows children to recall story plot and increases their ability to re-tell a story! SO many learning opportunities are packed into this fun, zany, and creative story from Wendi Silvano and All About Kids Publishing!

You can buy this book on Amazon! This book would make a fabulous addition to your home or classroom library, and is most suitable for preschool-third grade.


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