Welcome to The Confessional….the place here at Chasing Supermom, where we free ourselves of all of our parenting guilt and shame, and let the universe (well, the blogosphere) know that we are not perfect! If you’re new here, I’d like to welcome you (and hope you’ll come back!) and recommend you check out The Confessional Archives. The Confessional is a place of validation…support…relief…Those who confess find incredible freedom….It’s such an incredible feeling to be able to admit you’re not Supermom….we are all just chasing her…that elusive and mythical title…(doesn’t exist by the way!) So, stop feeling guilty that you fed your children a cold pop tart for breakfast this morning. Give yourself a break for letting your kids watch Toy Story 3 4 times yesterday. Cut yourself slack for substituting baby wipes for a mop. We all take shortcuts…do things we wouldn’t want publicized on a t-shirt, and say things to our kids we wish we could take back…BUT, we wake up every day and try our best…giving what we have for those we love…and we’re all in this together! I would LOVE to have YOU confess! Please use the contact form on my site to let me know if you’d like to take a turn. I am currently setting confessional appointments!

Today’s confessor is an awesome lady, and a mother of three adorable boys! She is caring, involved, kind, and a loyal and dependable friend to so many lucky ladies! I am thrilled to have her with us today! Okay…ready to find some relief…Here we go!

Father forgive me…

I rarely sort my laundry. I take a full hamper, shove in the washer (significantly reducing the life of the machine), wash, dry, fold, put it back in the hamper and carry it back the room. It’s much quicker!

I hate messes so never allow my kids to use paint, scissors (paper scraps or blood!), or markers. The fact that they have any fine motor skills is a credit to their preschool and the childcare workers at church.

I get so tense when playing board games with young kids that I ruin the fun for everyone. The games only come out when Grandma visits.

I didn’t think a 4 year old could grasp the gospel. My eldest astounded me one day with his understanding of every Easter symbol. He said he learned it from watching a video by Miss Patty Cake (Eggstravaganza with resurrection eggs).

I’m supposed to be a mature believer whose hope is in the Lord, yet I find my attitude for the day is often set by the number of beds that got peed on last night.

I never coupon or watch for sales. I just shop at Winco and Costco and hope for the best.

A neighbor asked me to help her teach an art discovery class for our kindergartners. I shocked us both by telling her I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick.

I recently gave my 5 yr old some green beans and insisted he eat them. He asked why and I told him vegetables are good for him. ‘Then why do you serve them only once a year?’ Oops. I will now punish him for that remark by serving vegetables every day until he leaves home. Starting next week.

I am grossed out by my own minivan. I find it difficult to summon the energy to clean it properly.

My toddlers all had cavities. I’d like to blame genetics, but the truth is I had a hard time establishing good oral hygiene for them. I start brushing regularly at age 2, after significant damage has been done. I’m very sorry for this.

I’m hypocritical about what movies I let my kids watch. I forbid Sponge Bob and Pokemon because they use the word stupid yet allow them to watch Transformers and Star Wars. I’d like to blame my husband for bringing the movies home, but the truth is I allow it because I find those movies entertaining, while Sponge Bob annoys me.

Free childcare is a huge reason I’m so active in our church.

I’ve avoided teaching my kids to tell time or giving them a set ‘bedtime’. I like being able to start the bedtime routine when I’m emotionally done parenting for the day. Somedays that’s earlier than others.

I am an anti-domestic. I dislike cooking, cleaning, gardening, sewing, decorating, scrap-booking, and other traditional activities. If not for our young children, I’d happily work 80 hours a week outside the home and pay others to do all the listed chores.

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