It’s that time again….time to lay it all down…confess our sins and guilt…free ourselves from self-inflicted shame and self-doubt….letting the world (okay, the Chasing Supermom readers) know that we are NOT perfect. (And we never will be.) (And ya know what…that’s okay!) In The Confessional, we recognize that nobody has it all together…Every mother makes mistakes. You’re NOT alone! The next time you feel like you’ve lost all hopes at ever winning “Mother of the Year” read a confessional, and realize that we all win that award every single day…because we keep going….we keep trying…We keep right on mothering when things don’t go our way…Keep your head up…You’re doing your best…We all are…Let’s just keep chasing…Here we go….

To check out all previous volumes of The Confessional, click here: Confessional Archives Today’s confessor bravely stepped forward and took the challenge I put out at the end of each confessional. This is a weekly reader that wanted the opportunity to rid herself of the mom shame we all carry around. Her name is Krissa, and I am so proud of her for taking the chance to admit she’s not perfect, but she’s doing the best she can! (And I’ll bet she’s doing a pretty terrific job!) As always, I found myself nodding along with many of these confessions…

Father forgive me…

I’m really bad about washing my kid’s sheets…REALLY bad. For example, we moved at the beginning of January, and I know of only 2-3 times that I’ve washed my son’s crib sheets since we’ve moved.

I let my kids watch too much TV. Most of the time it’s because I work from home and it’s the only way I can get my work done…but sometimes it’s because I’m reading blogs…This has resulted in my 18 month old son’s favorite show being The Fresh Beat Band.

My kids hate vegetables…I tried for awhile to force the issue, but now I’ve just given up and the only time they get a good dose of vegetables is when I make the occasional smoothie with kale.

My 4 1/2 year old still wears a pull-up at night….mainly because I don’t want to have to deal with wet sheets in the morning until she learns how to not wet the bed. But I promise this summer, when I’m on summer vacation and not working, I’m going to buckle down and make it happen!

I haven’t taken my daughter to the dentist yet…and she’s 4 1/2. But I have an appointment scheduled for this summer! I promise!

Sometimes when I’m shopping with my daughter and she wants a piece of clothing I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for her, I lie and tell her they don’t have it in her size.

I hate playing princess, fairy, wedding, or really any type of pretend…so after about 10 minutes I always find some way to end the game…like telling her I have to “work”.

Toys often make themselves into the Goodwill bag when the kids aren’t looking…like my daughter’s princess castle with tiny little parts perfect for a baby brother to choke on…she did notice that one though.

Sometimes I tell myself that I’m making a special treat for breakfast for the kids…when really, it’s mostly just because I want it.


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