I am so pleased to introduce you to one of our fabulous sponsors for the No Girls Allowed event…Sprock It! I found Sprock It’s Etsy shop and just fell in love with her stuffed dinosaurs! I have a little man who loves dinosaurs, and I knew he would absolutely love to have one of these cuddly dinos to love on! (I was right!)

Amber, the creative mastermind behind all of Sprock It’s adorable creations graciously gave us a stuffed patterned dinosaur. Can you tell from my son’s (albeit messy with Easter candy) face how much he loves it?!

We gave this to Henry as one of his birthday presents, and he was thrilled to pieces! This cute and cuddly stegosaurus spent the night with him and has already received LOTS of love! Sprock It’s dinosaur is super soft, made of cotton material and stuffed with a non-allergenic fiberfill. (He’s also washable!!) I loved the cute and friendly nature of this dinosaur. My son LOVES dinosaurs, but often the dinosaur items sold in stores are often scary and mean-looking. It has been hard to find dinosaur toys that don’t frighten him.¬† This dinosaur is so warm and friendly that even the most timid of future paleontologists will fall in love with him! I love the bright colors and vibrant fun patterns that Sprock It selects to create her dinosaur friends. They are whimsical and fun and sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. I loved the hand-stitching on the dino spikes as well! The personal touches give these dinosaurs a lot of playful personality! The dinosaur is extremely well-made, and hand-crafted with love. The dinosaur friends are great to play with, but would also make a great pillow to snuggle up with! (Even in the car, or at nap time at daycare!) He is super soft and squishable! (When I went to check on my son last night, he was asleep on top of his dinosaur friend!)

This dinosaur is sure to become your child’s best bud! To buy one of these adorable dinosaur friends, simply head on over to the Sprock It Etsy Shop! At just $25, these dinosaurs are a steal! What a great gift for your child’s next birthday!

You are definitely going to want to spend some time in the Sprock It Etsy shop!!!! She has a wide variety of awesome hand-made products that you and your kids are sure to love! In addition to the ADORABLE dinosaur shown in this post, she also has several other dinosaur friends for sale! Check out these cute stuffed dino pals! ADORABLE!!

Sprock It also makes a wide variety of other great products, such as stuffed elephants, aprons, lap blankets, personalized bibs and onesies, and more! Check out some of her other great items!!

Lap blankets for just $19.50!

Child sized aprons for just$15!!

Stuffed Elephants for just $ 28 -30!

Sprock It also offers mini dinosaurs and elephants for just $7! They are perfect for little hands, and would make a great stocking stuffer, Easter basket filler, or birthday gift! Supporting small business owners is something I love doing, and I hope you will all support Sprock It’s wonderful Etsy shop! Her attention to detail, bright colors, fun patterns, and high quality craftsmanship make her business one to celebrate and support!

Visit the Sprock It Etsy Shop!!