Time to confess….yep…even on Easter..We’re going to take a few moments to sit back and admit out loud (even if in only a whisper) that we are NOT perfect! We try so hard to project the “perfect mom” image, saying and doing all the right things….when in reality we’re all broken, frazzled, stressed, and about 1 more episode of Ni Hao Kailan away from the edge. Here at Chasing Supermom, it’s okay to admit things like that…to free yourself of the crazy (yes, CRAZY) pursuit of being “Supermom”….Ain’t never gonna happen ladies…So, we might as well just sit back, do our best, and enjoy this crazy ride called motherhood….through all the bumps and bruises…all the squabbles and arguments…all the paint-stained tables and poo covered walls (yep…that’s what I said…) This is REAL life..we’re doing the best we can!

This week’s confessor is Julie, an awesome mother and fellow blogger. She bravely volunteered to confess her sins to all of us today. Let’s show her some blog love and stop by her blog, http://jcpshortbutsweet.blogspot.com! Sit back, and take a few moments to connect with another mom…laying it all on the line…being vulnerable and open…LOVE it! I am so grateful for all of you brave mothers who have stepped up to do this! Chasing Supermom has THE best readers! Love you all and have a happy Easter! And Julie, THANK YOU! Here we go…

Father forgive me….

I sometimes tell my husband I need to use the restroom just to steal 10-20 minutes away alone in a locked room with my Kindle. Most times I don’t even pretend and sit on the bowl; I just sit on the floor and read.

My son has peed through his pull-up at night and there have been times I don’t remember about the sheets until its bedtime again. By then the sheets are dry and I have just tucked him in (it has only been a small spot that was wet, not a soaked bed)

I send all the too messy, too loud, too annoying toys to the grandparent’s house.

I have told my son on many occasions I’m not eating what he thinks I’m eating because I know he’ll want it. I have also made something for him and pretended it was for me so he’d eat it. Works like a charm. I have also told him its “spicy” so he won’t want it.

When others ask me how often I bathe the kids I say every other day, in reality it’s more like every 3-4. It’s not that I don’t want to clean them but bath time is such a chore that I can’t handle it anymore than that (except in the summer when it’s happens nearly everyday because of sun block and too much sweat).

While I often complain I have to work and I don’t get to be home with the kids, I really think it’s a blessing. The two days I’m home on the weekends are enough to make me insane; I don’t think I can handle 7.

When another parents asks for advice on something like vaccines or the taboo foods to give under a year, I tell them and then follow it with “but it’s a personal decision” what I really mean is “This is what I did and I recommend you do it too and I probably will think you’re nuts if you don’t”.

I have not taken the bottle away from our almost 1 year old yet. I’m pretty sure she’s my last baby and I’m just trying to savor the last days of her being a baby with a bottle.

I say I buy those little banana cookies for the baby but really they are for me, I love them.

I’m a yeller. I yell way too much.

Since this year Santa was finally understood in my house, I can (and do) use this as often as I can to get my son to behave. In fact, Santa is on my speed dial and the Easter Bunny is about to join him.

If and when I get to food shop or make a Target run alone, I S L O W L Y stroll up and down each aisle just browsing and enjoying the time for me. A 10 minute trip often takes an hour and I tell my husband the store was mobbed and it took forever to check out.

Amen! I don’t know about you all, but SO many of those confessions resonated with me this week! Guilty as charged! (And you know what, I’m okay with that!) Thank you to Julie for confessing today! I hope all of you have a blessed Easter today with those you love. If YOU would like to take a turn in The Confessional, please let me know!