Snazberry, one of the cutest shops on Etsy creating “snazzy creations for kids”, has devised one of the most creative and useful toys I’ve ever seen! I don’t know about your little man, but I have a HUGE train enthusiast on my hands. Henry carries his trains around with him EVERYWHERE! Trains in the car, the shopping cart, bed, church, the backyard…they are his constant companions. However, after having to hunt through the back yard in the middle of the night searching for Percy, or digging under the seats of the van for Spencer, (and on and on and on) it became apparent that we needed a solution to my son’s train-carrying dilemma. He wants/needs his trains with him, but they so easily get lost…and he often doesn’t have anywhere for them to “chug.” Enter Snazberry, and her ingenious train caddy!

This handy little caddy stores up to four trains (we even managed to squeeze the larger motorized Thomas trains into the spaces!) The caddy rolls up and is held together with a convenient elastic band. When your child wants to play, simply unroll the caddy, and let the fun begin! This toy is SUPER portable, and PERFECT for taking on the go! This would be the ideal toy for car rides, plane rides (oh how I WISH we’d had this on our last plane trip!), church, the dentist’s office, etc. etc!!! Without taking up much room, your child will have four of their favorite trains and their own racetrack wherever they are! No more lost little engines or bored children!

Seriously, how convenient is this toy?! I’m pretty sure every mama of a little man (and some mamas of little girls too!) could use this handy little vehicle caddy!

I loved that my son was totally able to figure out this toy all by himself..Within minutes of opening the Junior Engineer Large Train Caddy, graciously donated by Shannon, the fabulous owner/creator of Snazberry, Henry had already filled the caddy with his beloved little engines.

He loved zooming his trains all around the caddy’s track! I love that Shannon of Snazberry thought to include the track! This Junior Engineer Train Caddy retails in her etsy shop for just $20!! BUY ONE HERE!

If you have a child that is more into cars, Snazberry also offers a Junior Racer Large Car Caddy, that holds up to 5 Hot Wheels cars! This caddy comes with a race track, and a customizable gas pump (you get to pick the color!) Your little car enthusiast will love toting his favorite cars around with him!

I hope you will all show Snazberry some love and visit her Etsy Shop! She has TONS of great stuff for you to check out in addition to her awesome train/car caddy!

Snazberry offers a variety of adorable bibs and onesies for your tiniest men! She also makes awesome little pouches for toddler utensils! You will definitely want to stop by and do some shopping, as Snazberry is offering a 10% discount to Chasing Supermom readers now through May 31st!!! Just enter code “supermom” at checkout! What a deal! Thank you Snazberry!!!

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