Ever feel like it would take a super hero to get your kids to brush their teeth? I don’t know about you, but teeth brushing can often be a battle of epic proportions at our house…I have often wished I could hit a button in the bathroom, send out the dentist beacon, and have a caped super-toothbrush swoop through the window and save our teeth and gums….Well, while that may be not quite so feasible, there is something that can help…Fear not mothers of dirty-teethed children…Super Blake is here to save the day! Author and mother (of the real life Super Blake) Tracy Bickhaus, has written a charming and quite handy book to help our kids learn to fight plaque and the evil cavity monster in her book, “Super Blake and the Cavity Monster.”

In the story, Super Blake, is not only committed to ridding the world of unhealthy teeth, he also demonstrates a kindness to others, attentiveness in school, healthy eating habits, and a great life philosophy. Blake is a wonderful example for children, and your kids will love fighting “crime” with this adorable new character! Super Blake and the Cavity Monster is the first book in a new series! We can’t wait to read them all!

You are definitely going to want to check this book out! Your kids will love the fun rhyming text, whimsical characters, and kid-friendly illustrations. In an appealing (and not at all preachy) way, kids are encouraged to brush their teeth twice a day, to save the world from the evil cavity monster! Kids will really get into the superhero aspect of it all, wanting to take on the big bad cavity monster and his sidekicks, Ginger Vitis, and Sir Plaque (two of my favorite pages!) As soon as we were done reading this book, both of my kids literally jumped off the bed and RAN to the bathroom to brush their teeth! (No lie.) Does it get better than that? Kids armed and ready with toothbrushes to ward off cavities and plaque? High five Tracy!

Illustrator Korey Scott‘s bright and vibrant illustrations will draw your children further into the story. The book has a comic-book sensibility while still coming off as playful and child-like. These two have teamed up to form a terrific pairing.

I hope you will all head on over to the Super Blake website and check out everything they have to offer! You can not only purchase the book, but print out some fun coloring pages and other printables that you and your kids will enjoy! You can also find Super Blake Books on Facebook! I hope you will “like” their page and stay informed of their latest news and adventures! You can also find Super Blake on Twitter!