My little man LOVES hats..LOVES them! We’d always had a little bit of trouble finding one that fit him right (he has a pretty big noggin!) When I found Horse Crazy 4 Sure’s Etsy Shop, and saw her selection of hand-made welder hats, I knew I wanted one for Henry! Her hats are made from a soft cotton, and are…MACHINE WASHABLE!! (A MUST for little boys!) Ever since Henry’s hat came in the mail, he wears his little welder’s cap everywhere! We keep his hat in the hall closet, and before he heads outside, he asks to wear his hat (and a hat that finally fits him just right!) Meg, of Horse Crazy 4 Sure will make the hat to your child’s measurements! She has a wide variety of sizes, and can custom fit a size as well! Meg also offers a TON of cute fabric choices, and you are sure to find something that will make your little boy smile. Check out some her selection of welder’s hats HERE! At just $10, these hats are a great buy, and the perfect gift for any boy in your life! (Or daughter wants one too!)

One of my favorite features of Horse Crazy 4 Sure’s welder hats, is that they are REVERSIBLE! You are essentially getting two hats for the price of one!! Most of the hats on her site come with a printed fabric on one side, and a coordinating color on the other. Henry’s hat featured Snoopy on one side, and Superman on the other. He LOVES selecting which side of the hat to wear each day (and sometimes switches in the middle!)

I love that you are really getting your money’s worth from this already well-made and adorable hat! The hats are super easy to reverse, and hold their shape extremely well! These hats are definitely boy-proof and can withstand a bit of rough-housing! (And as I mentioned, if they get dirty, just throw them in the washer!)

I hope you will take a minute to check out the Horse Crazy 4 Sure Etsy Shop! You can purchase one of her reversible hats for just $10! She also has a variety of other great items in her shop that you are sure to love!

Coffee Cozy for just $3!! (Stocking stuffer ideas girls!)

Binky Holders for just $4.25! (Shower gift extra!)

Re-usable Swiffer Mop Pad -$6.25!

Show her some love for being a No Girls Allowed Sponsor and visit and patron her Etsy shop!!

Thank you Horse Crazy 4 Sure!!