I LOVE books! LOVE them! As a child, I spent nearly all of my free time reading, and wish I  still had that luxury as an adult! As a kindergarten teacher, I loved surrounding my students with quality literature, and take every opportunity to read to my own children. New children’s books are coming out all the time, but today I wanted to share five incredible picture books that all feature a little boy as the main character. I love using books that feature a character my sons can relate to…a character they can dream with…imagine with…have wild adventures with…boys they could imagine playing with…befriending…And that’s the goal isn’t it? For our children to truly dive into literature and feel as though they are a part of the story? To have such an intense love of books that they sometimes feel as though the characters are dear friends…I think the five boys in these classic picture books all resemble my own boys in some way…so true to life…These boys have become some of our favorite book friends….Friends we want to invite into our homes night after night…I invite you to welcome them into your home to connect with your son as well.

1. No David! by David Shannon

Your children will delight in David’s crazy antics and love the cartoon-like illustrations.This is one little guy that I’m sure many of us have seen come out in our own boys…and we love them anyways! (No matter how many times we’ve said no to them!)

2. George Shrinks by William Joyce

George Shrinks has been a favorite at our house for several years now. By accident, George shrinks himself while his parents are out. Your child will love as George goes about his day, crossing the items off the to-do list his parents have left for him. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and a true extension of the story.

3. Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst

How many times have we all felt like Alexander? On days where nothing seems to be going right, I love to pull out this book and commiserate with Alexander….and then contemplate moving to Australia…

4. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

How I long for my boys to have a wild rumpus of their own….setting off for a magical adventure with their own set of wild things…Long live King Max..May your adventures never cease.

5. Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

With a simple crayon, Harold finds himself on an adventure through nature…the city…Oh the places your imagination will take you if only you let it!

I hope you will check out one of these five classic stories that all feature a little boy as the protagonist. I hope your little man will find a friend in these five special boys, as mine have. Thanks to David, George, Alexander, Max, and Harold for your stories, adventures, antics, and inspiration!

Keep watching for my five favorite chapter books for boys!