Welcome back to The Confessional, and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there…Now to those of you who may be feeling like you’re undeserving of celebrating today…those of you who looked around the church auditorium this morning and thought about how you were less of a mom than that woman over there….those of you who caught up on your blog reader this morning, and couldn’t shake the thought that the lady that runs such and such blog is far better than you’ll ever be….I want you to sit back, browse through The Confessional Archives, and recognize that EVERY SINGLE mom out there is thinking the exact same thing. We’re so caught up in this constant game of compare and contrast, always striving to be better than the next mom, that we forget to relish our own efforts…forget to see the ways in which we bless our own family….forget the faces of the little people we put to bed each night that think the whole world of us…and that right there, should be all that matters.  I started this feature to bring us together in a sense of relief and validation…Let that be my Mother’s Day gift to you today…the overwhelming relief that you are not alone in your struggles, and that simply doing YOUR best and doing what works for YOUR family is EVERYTHING you need to do. You’re doing it…You’ve arrived…Happy Mother’s Day!

Today’s confessor is a mother of three kids, and a refreshingly frank and honest blogger….There’s  a very authentic, off the cuff style to her writing, and I think some of her confessions will really resonate with you today. She is the author of www.himmeweethree.blogspot.com. Show her some blog love and check it out! Ready to feel that relief? Here we go!

Father forgive me…


1- After asking/telling/pleading with my oldest two sons to get the legos off of their dressers for a full five days (no toys upstairs- that is what they have a playroom for) I finally got sick of dusting around them/stepping on stray pieces/finding lego guy heads in the babies diaper, that I dismantled their most prize possessions and told them the dog knocked them down and stepped on them. All Lego creations have stayed downstairs since.

2- My 6 year old has ADHD and an “unspecified emotional disorder”. He is a lot to handle. He also looks exactly like my ex husband. On a bad day, this combo makes me want to lock him in a closet and only let him out when its time for bed. I promise I have never done such a thing… yet.

3- While I was aware that I was signing up for a long distance relationship- I had NO idea it was going to be for this long. (3+ years seeing each other every 4-8 weeks for a few days at a time) Listening to the Mister talk about his day at work/stupid roommates/two hour session at the gym makes me want to punch him in the mouth.

4- I don’t know if the kids have actually consumed a vegetable in the last 3 dinners I made.

5- My oldest two are completely opposite. They fight constantly and make it really hard to have a peaceful house. So much so that I have actually contemplated sending one of them to live with their father. (We only live 5 minutes apart) However- that would be like admitting defeat and I certainly don’t want him to be able to keep any of the money he pays in child support.

6- If you are going to repeatedly ask me my opinion on all things pregnancy/newborn/toddler/

child and then ignore my thoughts/opinions/concerns/well researched advice- f$#*  off and stop wasting my time. You’re stupid and I fear for your children’s future.

7- I have declined more than one birthday party invitation/play date because I don’t like the parents.

8- Laundry and breast pumps are works of the Devil.

9- After eight months of toddler vs mom in the war against not letting him eat dog food- I finally let him. Not just one piece. I stood there and watched as he chomped down on like 7 or 8 pieces. When he was all done he signed “More” and “Thank you” Toddler 1. Mom 0. In fact- He’s trying to get into the bin right this very moment.

10- Even though he eats dog food, my 17mn old is smarter than your 3 year old.

11- Being a “Single” SAHM of three is waaaay harder than your part time job and one child that is school aged. Don’t tell me I’m lucky that I can stay home or I may have to tell you that you’re lazy for not having dinner on the table after you worked five hours today and your husband worked twelve.

12- I love my son’s cloth diapers. But I use a disposable at night and when we are out and about for more than 3 hours. *GASP!!! Fluff addicts every where are sharping their sticks and gathering stones right now!!*

13- I breast fed all 3 of my kids. The oldest has asthma, the oldest 2 have allergies and all 3 have had or have the surgery scheduled for tubes. Breast feeding does not solve everything! Don’t even get me started on the topics like Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate or Circumcise or not to Circumcise. If you attack me rather than discuss- I will send you home to your mommy crying and your self esteem will be ruined for life.

14- I never get a break, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I’m certainly not getting laid regularly… If something doesn’t give- My confessions may get worse!

Oh- and before I forget- My Ayden is almost 10. His name was practically unheard of in 2001. Stop naming your kids Aiden, Brayden, Caiden, Vayden, Zayden or any other version… I now refer to him as AJ or Junior because I don’t want your 2-5yr old to come running when I call my son.

Mom of 9.5yr old Ayden, 6.5yr old Keegan and 17mn old Colden
Him Me and The Wee Three