As an early childhood educator, and mother who simply LOVES doing learning activities with her kids, I am always SO excited when I find a new tool to use with my children that they love as well! When I stumbled upon the Magens Bay Etsy Shop, and saw her wooden flashcards (how awesome of an idea is that?!) I knew I wanted to showcase her work on the blog for all of you! I will admit that I am a bit of a flashcard fiend….love love love them…We literally have several large plastic tubs filled with a variety of flashcards. However, as many of you with younger kids know, your typical flashcards are very easily bent, broken, chewed on, sticky with syrup from breakfast, creased….you get the idea. With the wood alphabet flashcards from Magens Bay, you can have high quality flashcards that can’t be bent in half, ripped to shreds, or worn through on the corners from being sucked on. These flashcards are some of my very favorites that I’ve ever worked with…(and I’ve used a lot!) I wish I would have had these in my kindergarten classroom, but am so excited I get to use them to help my children learn!

My children and I received a set of the multi-colored wooden flashcards from Magen’s Bay, that retail for $19.50. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the flashcards are made from a high-quality wood with vinyl coating. I literally just tried to snap one in half and couldn’t do it…These are kid-tough and highly durable!! I love that the letters come in their own handy canvas carrying bag, making even the packaging far more durable than your average flashcards!! (Most of our flashcards now live in ziploc bags, as the kids have torn the paper boxes!) This fun little set of letters is perfect not just for teaching your child their alphabet, but a great toy for the car, your purse to pull out at restaurants, the doctor’s office, etc, on the plane….portable..educational…fun!! My kids both love this set of flashcards so much, that when I went to write this review, I had to search both of their rooms looking for them! (They had been hi-jacked from our homeschooling area!) These flashcards are the perfect way for my son and I to review his letters, and my daughter and I to work on word families, blends, and simple words.

Magen’s Bay Designs has a variety of other fun learning tools and toys for your kids to enjoy as well as her flashcards!

You can purchase a set of lower-case letters to accompany your upper-case letters!!

I love this alphabet matching game!!

Magen’s Bay Designs also sells adorable wooden block sets! I love this set of puzzle blocks!

She also makes colorful alphabet block sets!!

I hope you will take some time to shop at the Magen’s Bay Designs Etsy Shop and check out everything she has to offer! So many cute (and high quality) learning games and tools for sale!! You and your children will love the items Brooke has so lovingly made.